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   6   Goods being Detained

In case where postal items have gone through the necessary formalities but kept in custody and cannot be taken out within one day, this can arise from various causes due to which the officers have to detain them for further clearance on the following day, these are :

            6.1 the consignee of postal items does not have sufficient funds to pay the duties;

            6.2 there may be problems on value, tariff or the particulars of goods, the officers may detain the goods pending further

                  documents to be presented by the consignee;

           6.3 Such goods may require import license or subject to control on importation and the consignee does not have

                  supporting license to be presented to the officers.

In case where goods are detained, the consignee must contact the Postal Customs House for presentation of document(s) to the officers and make payment of duties and effect clearance within two months and 15 days from the date of importation. If the period is overdue, the Postal Customs House will take further action on packages being detained in accordance with the Customs Law.

   7  . Return of Postal Items

           7.1 For postal items which remain at Postal Customs House for 30 days, without being claimed or cleared by a consignee

                 The Postal Customs House will return the postal items to the officers of Communication Authority of Thailand who will

                 proceed to have them sent back to the country of origin. In case where someone (presumably the consignee) comes to

                claims the goods after the expiry of 30 days, and these goods have not been returned to the country of origin. The

                 officers of the Communication Authority of Thailand will return such goods again to the Postal Customs House for

                 further action as requested by the consignee.

            7.2 Postal items remaining at the Postal Customs House for which the consignee has already fulfilled customs

                   formalities and would like to have the goods returned to the country of origin , the consignee is required to submit an

                  import entry and export entry provided that such goods are not prohibited goods or goods requiring license(s), should

                  one be required it must be made available .

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