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7.3 Postal packages which contain prohibited items requiring license(s) such as firearm(s). may be kept at the Postal Customs House for more than 1 month, customs officers are empowered to seize or detain such items for further action without having to return it (them) to the officers of the Communication Authority of Thailand.

8. Customs Formalities for Import Entry

Clearance of postal items which cannot be cleared by informal formalities such as goods of more than 20,000 baht including goods requiring licenses such as firearms or imitation firearms are subject to fulfilment of complete import entry requirements having been checked and assessed by the customs officers.

9. Export of Postal Items

Export of postal items to foreign countries can be conducted at the post office nationwide in accordance with the regulations of the Communications Authority of Thailand without being inspected by the Customs officers under the following conditions:

1. Such items are not prohibited for export.

2. Such items are not subject to export license(s).

3. Such items are not subject to export duty or government fee(s).

4. Such items, regardless of the number of packages, are collectively valued at no more than 10,000 baht for each export or valued of no more than 5,000 baht for precious stones, jewelry, gold and white gold jewelry.

5. Such items are not subject to duty drawback or duty compensation.

6. Such items do not require a re -importation certificate.

Postal items exported by mail, not falling under the conditions mentioned in item nos. 1 – 6, are subject to fulfilment of export entry and checked by the customs officers.

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