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Sukhothai Province Page 3, Travelling around Sukhothai Province

Sukhothai Historical Park is located in Tambon Muang Kao, Muang Sukhothai. It is twelve kilometres away from town. It is opened daily from 8.30 a.m. 4.30 p.m. Ruins of the royal palaces, Buddhist temples, the city gates, walls, moats, dams, ditches, ponds, canals, and the water dyke control system, which were the magical and spiritual centre of the kingdom, are now preserved and have been restored by the Fine Arts Department with the cooperation of UNESCO. It’s not only with a view of fostering Thailand's national identity, but of safeguarding, a fine example of mankind's cultural heritage.

The park covers the ruins of the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in December 1991. During its golden age, Sukhothai was the centre for administration, religion, and economy. The original city was surrounded by walls with 4 city gates. Today the walls house a number of sites worthy of visiting.


1. King Ramkhamhaeng Monument  2. Wat Mahathat   3. Ramkhamhaeng National Museum   4. Wat Traphang Ngoen

5. Wat Sri Sawai ( Wat Sri Svaya )   6. Wat Traphang Thong   7. Wat Sra Sri ( Wat Sa Si )   8. Wat Chana Songkhram

9. Wat Trakuan   10. San Ta Pha Daeng ( Ta Pha Daeng Shrine )   11. Wat Phra Phai Luang   12. Turiang Kilns

13. Wat Sangkhawat ( Wat Sanghavasa )   14. Wat Si Chum   15. Wat Chang Lom   16. Wat Thraphang Thong Lang

17. Wat Chedi Sung   18. Wat Kon Laeng   19. Wat Ton Chan   20. Wat Chetuphon   21. Wat Chedi Si Hong

22. Wat Si Phichit Kirati Kanlayaram ( Sri Vicitrakirtikanlyarama )   23. Wat Wihan Thong,   24. Wat Asokaram

25. Wat Mum Langka   26. Wat Saphan Hin   27. Wat Aranyik ( Wat Arannika )   28. Wat Chang Rop   

29. Wat Chedi Ngam   30. Wat Tham Hip   31. Wat Mangkon   32. Wat Phra Yuen   33. Wat Pa Mamuang  

34. Wat Thuek    35. Phra Ruang Dam ( see map below and right )

Sukhothai Province Page 4, Sukhothai Historical Park and ruins

Cycling Route along the Orchards

Some visitors enjoy cycling around the orchards and tasting a variety of fruits like pomelo, santol, sapodilla, coconut, star fruit, various kinds of bananas, as well as the tasty and fleshy plum mango ( Bouae Macrophylla ) with its chicken egged size. Tambon Ban Tuek Community of Amphoe Si Satchanalai. This is a small and peaceful community filled with trees, paddy fields, and scenic mountain ranges, while tourists can enjoy the traditional life of fruit growers. Different types of fruits grown along the hilly terrain include longkong, langsat, mangosteen, durian, banana, pomelo, rambeh, and rambutan.

Cycling Route: The Old Town of Sukhothai Trips within the Sukhothai Historical Park are also made by personal or rental bikes.


As spa is very famous through out the country, even Sukhothai is not left behind. There is the well known Ananda Spa at Ananda Museum Gallery Hotel in Sukhothai.

Sukhothai Province Page 5, Historical Sites and Museums,