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Sukhothai Province Page 6, Phra Mae Ya Shrine, Fish Museum, Wat Si Chum,

Wat Phra Phai Luang  This temple lies about 500 metres north of San Luang Gate ( northern gate ).  This sanctuary, formerly a Khmer Hindu shrine but later converted into a Buddhist monastery, is surrounded by a moat.  It is second in importance to Wat Mahathat.  Inside, there are three prangs like Wat Si Sawai, but the southern and the central ones have crumbled leaving only the northern one decorated with stucco figures.  In front of these prangs are a viharn and a crumbled chedi; the later has a pedestal decorated with stucco seated Buddha images.  A mondop contains Buddha images in four postures; sitting, reclining, standing, and walking.  They are now all in ruins.  A Sivalinga ( Phallic emblem of Hindu gods ) was unearthed in the compound of this sanctuary.


Wat Traphang Thong Situated to the east of Wat Mahathat is Wat Traphang Thong. The monastery is located on an island in the middle of a large pond.  A ruined laterite Singhalese-style chedi is on the island.  In front of it, a new mondop contains the Lord  Buddha’s Footprint slab that was created by King Lithai in 1390 on Samanakut or Phra Bat Yai Hill. This footprint was removed to the new mondop some years ago.  An annual fair to worship this sacred Lord Buddha’s Footprint takes place at the same time as the Loi Krathong Festival.  


Wat Traphang Ngoen  Situated to the west of Wat Mahathat is Wat Traphang-Ngoen with its square pedestal, main sanctuary, and stucco standing Buddha image in four niches. There is a Wihan in front, and in the east of the pond, there is an island with an Ubosot. This edifice has already crumbled and only its pedestal and laterite columns still remain.


Wat Si Sawai  Situated among magnificent scenery southwest of Wat Mahathat is Wat Si-Sawai. Three Prangs (pagodas) of Lop Buri or Hindu-style and two Wihans are surrounded by a laterite wall. The ruin was once a Hindu shrine, but was later converted into a Buddhist monastery.


Wat Chang Lom is an important monument within the old town of Si Satchanalai. A huge bell-shaped

Chedi supported by  39 elephants, with 4 of them at 4 cardinal points elaborately decorated, marks the

centre of the temple. Above the Chedi's base, there are niches enshrining images of the Buddha

subduing Mara. Wat Sa Si  Situated near Wat Chana Songkhram is Wat Sa Si.  Around a Singhalese

style chedi is the main sanctuary on an island in the middle of Traphang Trakuan Pond.  A large viharn

contains a stucco Buddha image.  To the south  stands nine chedis of different sizes.


Wat Chetuphon  A mondop enshrines four Buddha images in different postures: sitting, standing, walking, and reclining. The outer walls of the mondop still retains a section in the form of a slate pillar-balustraded window.  There is an entrance to the mondop to the north.  Just behind the mondop is a small sanctuary which contains a Buddha image known locally as Phra Si Ariya Maitreya, the Lord Buddha of the Future.








Sukhothai Province Page 8, Ramkhamhaeng National Park ( Khao Luang )