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Sukhothai Province Page 7, Wat phra Phai Luang, Wat Chang Lom and other Wat's

Wat Traphang Thong Lang houses a square Mondop which is beautifully decorated by stucco figures in niches. The southern side portrays the Lord Buddha flanked by angels. To the west portrays the Lord Buddha preaching to his father and relatives. The northern side depicts the episode when the Lord Buddha returned to preach to his wife. These stucco figures, especially those on the south side, are masterpieces of Sukhothai art.


Ramkhamhaeng National Park ( Khao Luang ) This exquisite national park with a combined natural and historical background covers an area of 341 square kilometres,  High hills and steep cliffs some over 1,200 metres above sea level, together with fascinating falls, different species to plants and wildlife are some of the major attractions available in this park offered to nature loving tourists or visitors. On 27 October, 1980 this area became the 18th national park of Thailand in honour of King Pa Khun RamKhamhaeng.


Furthermore, the archaeological and historical sites with ancient remains and relics make the park even more attractive, especially for critics and theologians. The park also contains a lot of natural beauties, such as the Khao Luang mountain range, Sai Rung Waterfall, a herbal garden, and the Savannah located in the high country of the Khao Luang range. High country of the Khao Luang mountain range: The four main peaks of the park are within the high country. To reach the park by road, take Highway No.1 from Bangkok, then at km.414 (20 kilometres to Sukhothai) take the left turn along the laterite road for another 16 kilometres till arriving at the parks office.


A view in the park Ram Khamhaeng national park, within the province of Sukhothai, is surrounded by the districts of Kirimas, Ban Dan Lan Hoi, and the provincial capital of SuKhothai. The park is also Known as Khao Luang by local people. It covers an area of about 341 square kilometres. Khao Luang is an important source of water for the surrounding areas. The park covers Khao Luang mountain range, Sai Rung waterfall, a herbal garden, and the savannah located in the high country of the Khao Luang range.


History is another important part of Ramkhamhaeng national park. Most people consider Sukhothai as the first capital of Thailand (13 to 14 centuries). The Sukhothai historical park, where the main structures of this ancient capital existed, actually merges with Ram Khamhaeng national park in the north-eastern corner of the Khao Luang range. Many ancient structures are seen within Khao Luang too.

The Majority of the park's land is within the contours of the Khao Luang mountain range. Khao Luang is like a giant ant hill in the middle of a rice field, for it is surrounded by low farmland. The waters of the Khao Luang range are essential to the agricultural lands below. These waters are tributaries of the Yom river in the east, and the Ping river in the west. Another notable geographic feature of this park are the four main peaks of the Khao Luang range: Khao Phu Ka, Khao Phra Mar Ya, Khao Jedi, and Pha Na Rai.

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