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Sukhothai Province Page 9, Ramkhamhaeng National Park ( Khao Luang )

Ramkhamhaeng National Park ( Khao Luang ) continued

The high country is known for its year round comfortable cool weather. In general, the best time to visit the park is during the cold season ( October to January ), but the best time to Visit Sai Rung waterfall is during the rainy season (June to September).


Forests and wildlife


Most of the forest in the park is in a pristine condition. The main types of forest are the dry evergreen forest, mountain evergreen forest, the mixed deciduous forest, dry dipterocarps forest, and savannah. Some of the important tree species within the park are Hopea Odorata Roxb., Anisoptera Glabra, Mangifera Spp., Tectona Grandis, Pterocarpus Macrocarpus, Xylia Kerrii, Shorea Obtusa, Shorea Siamensis, and Dipterocarpus Obtusifolius. There are also various kinds of bamboo and medicinal plants.


There are several wild animals and birds in the park. Some of the known, and believed to exist, animals in the park are bantengs, barking deer, asiatic black bears, wild pigs, monkeys, gibbons, serow, and squirrels. There are also various kinds of birds, both resident and migratory, such as hill mynas, maroon orioles, barbets, laughing thrushes, Chinese francolins, greater coucals, robins, owls, hawks, kingfishers, woodpeckers, swallows, red jungle fowl, and common Koels


Tourist attractions


High country of the Khao Luang mountain range: The four main peaks of the park are within the high country. These peaks offer beautiful views. Khao Phu Ka and Khao Phra Mae Ya at 1,200 meters above sea level are the park's highest summits. Looking up from the park's headquarters one can see the outline of a woman, in what some people would say is a very suggestive position, on one of the ridge lines.

Another point of interest within the high country is the Savannah. This savannah covers about five square kilometres, and contains various medicinal plants.


There is also a giant ficus tree (Sai Ngam), spreading it’s branches in a beautiful manner, on the main hiking trail that leads to the high country. This is a wonderful place to rest on the steep hike up from the headquarters.


Sai Rung waterfall: This waterfall is fed by the sources on high country of the Khao Luang range. There is a section of this waterfall where water pours down a cliff that is about 100 meters high.



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