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Sukhothai Province Page 11, Facts about the province

Khanom Kliao Famous snacks of Sukhothai made from wheat flour and egg, seasoned with salt and pepper, and made it into a twist shaped-dough. Fried until crispy and further glacé. It has a sweet taste and is available everywhere.


Sangkhalok ceramics These replicas arguably look as good as the originals.


Thung Luang terra cotta  of Khiri Mat district come in unique patterns. The products include flower pots, vases, basin, water jar, lamps, with perforated decorations of animal figures like frogs, bullfrogs, and dogs.


Butter baked Banana  A well known snack of Amphoe Khiri Mat, it resembles another local sweet called Khanom Rang Nok made from sweet potato. This butter-baked banana snack is made from slicing raw banana horizontally, left to dry for half a day, seasoned with salt, deep fried, adding sugar, and giving it a good stir. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and add butter. This product is available everywhere.


Local Snacks: Khanom Phing, Thong Muan, Thong Phap, Thong Tan Famous crispy snacks of various shapes: square, round tube, and thick roll.


Fried peanuts of Si Samrong district, also called 200 year fried peanuts, are a tribute to a technique which has been inherited for many generations. The recipe is a mixture of rice flour, wheat flour, eggs, coconut milk, salt, pepper, chopped wild yam, which are then deep fried.


Ancient gold reproductions  of Si Satchanalai district are entirely hand made by skilled workers. These replicas of the Sukhothai style products include necklaces, wristlets, bangles, earrings, rings, etc.


Ancient silver reproductions  These replicas are entirely hand-made with distinctive skill. They are available at all silver shops in Amphoe Si Satchanalai.


Hat Siao fabric comes with nine beautiful patterns woven with the use of a supplementary weft technique, done by the descendants of Thai Phuan, who migrated from the north of Vientiane in Laos.


Marble Products  The marble products from Amphoe Thung Saliam Thoen include tables, chairs, flower pots and alarm clocks.



Sukhothai Province, Items to look out for here, and local snacks

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