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Sukhothai Province Page 12, Items to look out for here, and local snacks

Fighting cocks  This is located at the Chai Phichit cock fighting ring, 99 Mu. seven, Tambon Mueang Kao, Amphoe Mueang allowing people to enjoy the cock-fighting demonstration and learn about the animal’s lifestyle,


Sukhothai has its very own specialty noodle dish simply called Sukhothai Noodles. They are a blend of rice noodles

( khanom jeen ) mixed with crispy pork, garlic, green beans, coriander, chili, and peanuts in a broth flavoured with dark soy sauce.



Phor Khun Ramkhamhaeng’s Day Festival or King Ramkhamhaeng the Great Memorial Fair Phor Khun Ramkhamhaeng’s Day Festival, annually held on January 17. It honours of the Great King of Sukhothai Kingdom. In this day, people will visit the Monument of Phor Khun Ramkamhaeng the Great for praising Phor Khun Ramkhamhaeng. People will make merit and present food to a Buddhist priest. At night, there is merrymaking and many shows that all people can enjoy. There are fireworks, too.


Song Nam Aui Than Festival  is annually held on April 12, Songkran Ceremony in the Sri Sathanalai Historical Park. It exhibits the Buddha image procession from Wat Phra Prang to the Historical Park for people who want to pour the water over the Buddha image.


Si Sachanalai Ordination Celebration is called by Thai’s as Buat Chang Hat Siao, held annually during 7th. to 8th. April at Ban Hat Sieo, Ampher Si Sachanalai. It features a spectacular procession of ordination candidates in colourful costumer on the backs of some 20-30 decorated elephants.

Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival The tradition derived from traditional beliefs common to communities living along the banks of a river or waterway. It has become a need to worship and supplicate the Khongkla to avoid bad luck, to worship the gods in the Brahmin tradition, or to revere the Buddha's footprint.


The celebrations are normally organized in the 12th month when the tide is high and the air is cool. Sukhothai’s Loi Krathong is held annually on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month at the Sukhothai Historical Park. The Krathong's, or floats, have been made in the form of a lotus. There is also a reference, in the Sila Charuek, to candle lighting and playing with firework in a grand festival believed to be similar to the candle lighting and firework as practiced in the current Loi Krathong's Festival. In this festival, there are Nang Nopphamat procession, exhibitions, lighting of lantern at the historical site, Loi Krathong, fireworks over all waterways, and Krathong competition.



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