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Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Page 12, Buddhism, Cooking Classes, Muay Thai, Places to Eat.

Budget Places to Eat

Took Lae Dee,  Sukhumvit Soi 5  ( inside the Foodland Supermarket; on the left in this picture,

Nana BTS Station ).

This is a Bangkok institution. Imagine a long bar counter, only with chefs and food instead

of bartenders and drinks, and a colourful cast of  characters thanks to Nana Plaza across

the street. The name literally means  Cheap and  Good and indeed  basic fried rice starts

at 40 Baht, but the  cheap Western dishes,  many less than 100 Baht, are what makes this

place popular. The American  breakfast  ( two eggs, ham, bacon  or sausage, juice, toast,

coffee ) in particular is a steal at 47 Baht between 6 AM - 9 AM, or 58 Baht at any other time.


Soi 7 Seafood, Soi 7 ( Nana BTS ). 30 metres down the Soi on the right hand side is a group of some Thai seafood restaurants. The sitting area looks shared, but actually only the tables in front of the food stalls belong to that restaurant. So if you liked the food remember the name of your restaurant. A seafood dish is around 150 Baht, a beer 65 Baht.  edit


Soi 38, ( Under Thong Lo BTS Station, opposite Sukhumvit Soi 55 ). Evenings only. Not a restaurant in itself, but you will get the best street food in Bangkok. Just sit at a table and order whatever you like from the numerous food stalls (they'll figure out the bill for you). You can find the most delicious mango & sticky rice ( Khao niow ma muang ) in town.  edit


Between Soi 1 and Soi 3 is a set of street food stalls with the best one furthest from the street ( called Oowan Im literally Fatty is full ) but sign-posted in English with just the word Seafood on an otherwise Thai sign ). Good things to order include  Crispy fish in Chili Sauce, Tom Yum Soup and any of their Thai salads ( such as mixed seafood salad ) - seafood is their specialty. Also any Chinese-style fried vegetables is also delicious.


Food courts

If you want cheap food and air conditioning, head into the upper floor food court of any department store. Most food courts use some variation of a coupon system; unused coupons are always refunded. Some of the better ones include:


Emporium, 5F. Comparatively small and hidden behind the other restaurants, but cheap and often packed  at peak hours it's difficult to get a seat if you are alone. Pay by coupon, but the prices have been increasing over the past year.

Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Page 13,  Soi 5, Soi 7, Soi 38, Soi 1, Soi 3, Soi 55, Took Lae Dee, Places to Eat

Soi 5, Soi 7, Soi 38, Soi 1, Soi 3, Soi 55, Took Lae Dee

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