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Wat Hong Thong,  Song Khlong, Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao, Thailand

Bang Pakong  is a district ( Amphoe ) in the western part of Chachoengsao Province, central Thailand.

Bang Pakong district was established in 1907. The first temporary district office was a building within the Wat Bon Khongkharam. In 1908 the government moved the office to the bank of the Bang Pakong River in Tambon Tha Sa-an, which is still the location today.

Neighbouring districts are ( starting from the  north clockwise ) Ban Pho of Chachoengsao Province, Phan Thong, Mueang Chon Buri of Chon Buri Province, the Bay of Bangkok and Samut Prakan Province.

The important water resource is the Bang Pakong River, which mouths into the Bay of Bangkok within the district. Bang Na Trat highway runs through the district.

Bang Pakong district name comes from the Bang Pakong River. The area has many industrial estates, including the huge gas- and oil fired Bang Pakong Power Station.

The district is sub divided into 12 sub districts ( Tambon ), which are further subdivided into 108 villages

( Muban ). There are five sub district municipalities ( Thesaban Tambon ) - Bang Pakong, Tha Sa an, Tha Kham and Hom Sim each covers part of the same named Tambon, while Bang Wua covers parts of Tambon Bang Wua, Bang Samak and Bang Kluea.

There are further 12 Tambon administrative organizations

Bang Pakong  /   Tha Sa-an    /  Bang Wua    /   Bang Samak   /   Bang Phueng   /   Bang Kluea  

Song Khlong    /   Nong Chok    /   Phimpha   /   Tha Kham    /   Hom Sin    /   Khao Din  

Wat Hong Thong,  Song Khlong, Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao.

It is called Wat Hong Thong which means the Golden Swan in Thai. I found this Temple some what amusing at first because at first site it resembled a pier theatre, I expected someone playing the  organ while rising from out of the floor.

But when there I also found it an unusually serene Temple, with the Temple being built over water  At the far end there is also a memorial for Prince Chumphon who is considered a  kind of patron saint for fishermen.  Not many Temples in Thailand are built this way and it was strange to see but a marvellous and well worth the visit Temple.

If you wish to travel by car, you need to drive down Highway 3 from Paknam or Samut Prakan. You need to go past Bang Pu Seaside Resort and also the fishing town of Klong Dan. A short while after the town, just after you cross the border into Chachoengsao, you will see a sign for a road on the right that leads to Wat Hong Thong

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