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Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Sports Bars, Beer Gardens, Wine Bars, Small Breweries

Opera Riserva Wineteque ( Opera Riserva Wine Bar ), 53/4 Soi 39, Sukhumvit Road ( Opposite Bio House ),  +6622585601 (info@operariserva.com, fax: +662585599), 5.30PM-12PM. Opera Riserva is located in conjunction with L'Opera Italian Restaurant, fairly deep down Sukhumvit Soi 39, and can be a bit difficult to find for the first time visitor, however those who do are rewarded with a large selection of wine. They range from the affordable to the very exclusive of mainly Italian and French wines, and also offer a selection from other countries. The Opera Riserva wine bar is in two levels with a dozen or so tables and a large bar on ground floor, and on the second floor a more relaxed setting with several groups leather sofas, and some private rooms - one with a separate entrance for those who prefer to come and go unnoticed. Clientèle is equal part local and foreign, and local stars are often spotted here.

Beer gardens

In the winter time ( defined in Thailand as beer garden season ), popular beer gardens pop up in front of Central World Plaza, serving up cold beer, hot food and loud Thai pop. A few places are open year round:

Beergarden, Sukhumvit Soi 7. ( seen right )  A nice place to relax, with moderate Western music

and German and other beer including wheat beer ( Franziskaner ). You can eat European food at

the tables or just have a drink at the bar, where you are likely to attract numerous young and not

so young ladies, particularly at weekends. Upstairs now is the new Air Conditioned Pool table area.

Cheap Charlie's, Soi 11. An outdoor beer bar, not a garden, that looks like it grew out of the side

of the building. Pull up a stool anywhere on the Soi and enjoy a cold one. Seems to mainly attract

the young expat crowd.  

Small Breweries

Tawadang Brewery, 2 locations - 462/61 Rama III Road ( original ) and Rarm Intra toll way between Ram Intra Soi 34 and Rarm Intra Road ( in NE of town ), Tawandang is a very popular venue ( mostly among Thai’s ), very good food ( at reasonable prices), and an a good stage show ( with many acts & fun music ). Can be a bit hard to find ( as neither location is easy access) but well worth the trip - most taxis will know this place, just ask for the Rong Beer Yereman  ( Wrong Beer Yeah - rah - men - German Beer Hall) and they should understand. Reservations are recommended - especially on weekends.

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