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Phang Nga Province Page 2, Roads, how to get there

3. By Rail   

There is no direct train to Phang Nga. You have to take a train to Surat Thani ( about 13 hours ) and then change to a bus to Phang Nga for another 2 hours.

For details, call

the State Railway of Thailand, 1690,  0 2223 7010, 0 2220 4444   0 2220 4334, 0 2621 8701.


4. By Air   

There is no direct flight to Phang Nga. You have to fly to Phuket and take a bus for another 58 kms. Thai Airways operates daily flights to Phuket,

call 0 2535 1253 to 4, 0 2628 2000 or 1566 (hotline).

Getting to / from Nearby Provinces

There are non air-con and air-con bus services between Phang Nga and some major southern provinces, i.e. Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani, Hat Yai ( Songkhla ), Ranong, Trang and Satun.

Car rentals are available at any tour agents.


Tourist Attraction around the Province


Koh Panyee a Muslim Fishing Village on stilts. There are 1,485 people from 315 families who live permanently on Koh Panyee, the youngest being a baby boy born just a month before our visit. All of them

are the descendants, directly or indirectly, of Toh Baboo and his family and friends, who

were the first people to settle on Koh Panyee some 200 years ago.


Toh Baboo and two other families left their homeland in Indonesia by boat, looking for

a new place to live. The three families made a vow to each other that if one of them found

a place where there were lots of fish and where everyone could live, that they would signal

the others by raising a flag on a mountain as high as possible, so that the others could see

it and join them.

Toh Baboo discovered the island with its abundance of fish and, true to his promise, raised

a flag atop its soaring cliff, That is how the island got its name,

Koh Panyee – the Island of the Flag.




Getting to Phang Nga Province.

Phang Nga Province Page 3, How to get there, and  Koh Panyee Island.
Phang Nga Province Page 3, How to get there, and  Koh Panyee Island.
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