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Phang Nga Provinc, Page 5, Phang Nga Bay or Ao Phang Nga National Park

Mangrove forest in sandstone mountain which found a little bit of important plants because this area is very far from the main land. The five types of important plants here are Rhizophora apiculata, Sonneratia ovata, Aegialites rotundifolia, Xylocarpus granatum and Melaleuca leucadendron. In addition, samed would be found in the area adjacent to land forest which has the lower salt level.

Land Forest, Defined as the evergreen forest which is rainforest and classified as follows :

Land forest on the limestone mountain which could be found throughout the national park, there are two types : the first is the forest on the plain land and the forest on the area so called Karst which is a valley area. They consist of the important plants such as Aporosa aurea, Hopea ferrea Heim. and Cassia alata Linn. Also, there are many important low level plants such as Fishtail palm. The second is the forest on the moisture high area on a limestone mountain which consists of small and short plants such as Hopea ferrea Heim., Water wisteria, etc.


Land forest on the cell quartzite rock mountain which found a lot of plants growing in the foot of mountain with very high moisture, we can find yang na woods scattering throughout this area and also find other important plants such as Schima wallichii (DC.) Korth., Bruguira gymnorrhiza, Carallia brachiata (Lour.) Merr., etc. while the low level plants found here are Bambusa arundinacea Wild, Glass, etc.

Land forest on a sandstone would be found on the slope area which has a lot of tree and not too high. There is a little bit of the low level plants here, most of them are grasses because of infertile soil. The important plants are Bruguira gymnorrhiza, Sesban, etc.


Aquatic Plant Society

Could be classified as Padina, red alge, Halimida and including a lot of sea grass and plant planton.

Wild Animals, From survey could be classified as follows :

Mammal animals, from survey could be found up to 27 types such as Macaca irus, Semnopithecus obscurus, Hylobates lar, etc. In addition, also found the important aquatic mammal animals such as Infonesian white dolphin, Malayan dolphin, Finless porpoise.

Birds have been found totally 120 types, the important ones are Little heron, Pacific reef-egret, Little egret, etc.

Reptiles have been found totally 26 types such as Siamese box terrapin, Pseudoxenodon macrops (Blyth), etc.

Amphibians have been found four types such as Rana cancrivora, R. limnocharis, Rhaco phorusleucomystax, etc.

Fishes consists of squat-headed hammer head shark sphyrna tudes, freshwater ater stingray dasyatis bleekeri, Moray eel, Puffer fish and many kinds of fish which live in the coral such as Butterfly fish and the economical valued fishes such as short-bodied mackerel.



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Phang Nga Bay or Ao Phang Nga National Park, Thailand