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Phang Nga Provinc, Page 7, Phang Nga Bay or Ao Phang Nga National Park

Khao Lampi Hat Thai Mueang National Park  The park occupies an area of 18,000 acres  It was declared a national park on April 14, 1988. Interesting attractions in the park include: Namtok Lampi s a six tiered waterfall that runs all year round, Namtok Ton Phrai  is a huge waterfall that runs all year round and Hat Thai Mueang  being a long beach where the Sea Turtle Festival is held annually.


Wat Suwannakhuha  located in Tambon Krasom, is a temple in Phang Nga. It is of historical and archaeological importance. Within the boundary of the temple is a mountain with numerous caves out of which one is also used as a temple and houses various manners of Buddha images. There are also Royal Monograms inscriptions on the walls of the cave.


Koh Yao covers an area of 137 square kilometres ( 34,000 acres ). Most of the population are Muslims. The island is made up of two large islands: Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai.


Hat Khao Lak  located 32 kilometres ( 20 miles ) from Takua Pa, is a long scenic beach along the Andaman Sea set beneath the green mountain of Khao Lak Lamru National Park, parallel to the coast. The accommodation of Takua Pa along Khao Lak and Bang Sak Beach is built in the original southern architecture style.


Wat Rat Uppatham or Wat Bang Riang located in Tambon Bang Riang, the temple, situated on Khao Lan hill, contains several structures including an elaborate bell-shaped pagoda called Chedi Phutthathambanlue. The hilltop pagoda overlooks surrounding undulating mountains and hills as well as a huge Buddha image and a Guan-yin Chinese Goddess statue.


Things to do around the Province of Phang Nga


Elephant Cave Trekking

Elephant cave tours are usually made to Tham Phung Chang which is a cave with numerous stalactites and stalagmites.



Rafting is considered to be an eco-tourism trip in the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area.




Phang Nga Province, Thailand

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