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The Water Theatre : Traditional Thai Sepaa Play

The Water Theatre at Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua is the first and only venue in Thailand that features Traditional Thai Sepaa Play on an outdoor water stage. Our main stage is located in the centre of a large pond with open skies and a beautiful open field as the backdrop. The main stage is set slightly below the water surface, giving an illusion that the actors gracefully move over the water. These components enhance the unique character of our captivating performances.


In recent years, the Sepaa Play was getting rare in Thai society, due to lack of Sepaa artist, and also dancing artists to perform along with the Sepaa Play. Here at the Water Theatre, our dedicated troupe revives each performance with a modern twist, making the play more accessible and entertaining to the audience while remaining true to its traditional Thai root.


The Water Theatre features many long standing and well known Thai folktale's such as Kraithong, Sung Thong, Phra Lor, Kaki, Chantakorop, Phra Aphaimanee, Phra Suthon & Manorah, Nang Sib Song, Pla Bu Thong, and Khun Chang & Khun Phan.

Traditional Thai Play: Lakohn Chatree

Lakorn Chatree was considered older than other types of Lakohn. It was a travelling theatrical ensemble influenced by Yatree or  Yatra play that was originated in Bengal, the region of the eastern South Asia. The word Yatree or Yatra means to travel. Lakohn Chatree began in the early Ayutthaya Kingdom ( from mid 14th to end of 18th centuries ).


Originally only male performers played three major roles which were a leading male character, a leading female character, and a comedian. Later on, using female performers became more popular. Most of the stories depicted in Lakohn Chatree were related to a court drama or a fairy tale. These stories were very popular more than 60 years ago. Some stories even passed through generations without having a proper manuscript.

Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market & Water Theatre

44 Moo 5 Tambol Klong Sabua, Amphor Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand,

Ayutthaya Floating Market Pictures

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