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Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market & Water Theatre

44 Moo 5 Tambol Klong Sabua, Amphor Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand,

Ayutthaya Floating Market Pictures

The Toong Kwan Paddy Field is located to the west of the Klong Sa Bua district, an area north of the Ayutthaya Historical Park. Opposite Toong Kwan is another paddy field called Toong Kaew. There are many old temples in the Toong Kwan area such as Wat Chongklom, Wat Phyaman, Wat Prasaat, and Wat Praram. In the Ayutthaya period, Toong Kwan was known as one of the main manufacturing hubs as described in a document written by Khun Luang Wat Pradusongtham from the late Ayutthaya period. The document mentions four different villages specialized in making different products. Baan Mor was known for producing earthenware, Baan Krabueng for clay roof tiles, Baan Sala Poon for red lime paste, and Baan Kaoluang for moonshine. These villages were all located in Toong Kwan. There still are remnants of earthenware kilns remaining in the north of the Klong Sa Bua district. The original name of the village, however, is no longer used.


Klong Sa Bua historically was quite an important canal. It was a route used by many of the Ayutthaya Kings to travel from their palace to the forest near the Elephant Kraal Pavilion to attend an elephant rounding-up ceremony. Two of the most well-known characters in Ayutthaya history related to Klong Sa Bua were Sri Sudachan ( King Chairacha’s consort ) and Khun Worawongsa ( Sri Sudachan’s lover ), who were assassinated in this area.


Another proof that the Toong Kwan Paddy Field of the Klong Sa Bua district was a significant neighbourhood lies in many existing old temples in the area that dates back to the early Ayutthaya period. Wat Takrai, Wat Chongklom, and Wat Phyaman are among those temples. Wat Phyaman, built around 1688 to 1703 AD, was especially important for it was a temple where King Phetracha, the 28th King of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, underwent his ordination ceremony.

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