Ayutthaya Floating Market, Page 21, The Water Theatre, Nang Sib Song ( The Twelve Maidens )
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After waking from her intoxicated sleep and realizing that Phra Rothsain had left, Maeree followed Phra Rothsain to the bank of a river. She begged Phra Rothsain, who was already standing on the other bank, to return. Although Phra Rothsain felt pity for Maeree, he decided to continue his journey for he felt obligated to return to his parents.


Seeing for certain that her husband would not come back with her, Maeree fell into despair. She prayed to be together with Phra Rothsain again in her next life, and died from being heartbroken.


Phra Rothsain travelled safely back to Kutaranakorn. On hearing what had happened, Giantess Sonthamarn fell into deep sorrow and died in her chamber. Phra Rothsain rushed to meet his mother and his 11 aunts in the tunnel, and brought with him their eyes and the medicine to cure their sight.


After recovering from blindness, Phra Rothsain brought the Twelve Maidens to King Rothsithi’s court. Phra Rothsain told King Rothsithi all the truth about the disguised Giantess and all her evildoings. Grieving his mistakes, King Rothsithi tearfully apologized to the Twelve Maidens. He then reappointed them as his consorts.


Phra Rothsain went back to the bank of the river where Maeree’s deceased body lay. Realizing that there was nothing he could do to bring his beloved wife back to life, he ended his life by holding his breath and followed her to the world of the dead.

Kraithong & Chalawan In the town of Pichit, there lived Chalawan, the King Crocodile, who was so powerful that he could not be pierced or killed by any man-made weapon. Chalawan lived in a golden cave underneath the waters of Pichit, where on entering the cave, Chalawan would assume magical powers that allow him to take the form of a handsome man. In the guise of his good looks, Chalawan maintained his malicious ways.


One day while hunting for food as a crocodile, Chalawan spied on two beautiful young sisters by the name of Tapao Kaew and Tapao-Thong, daughters of the rich man Kham. The two sisters were bathing in front of their house. Chalawan was captivated by the remarkable beauty of Tapao-Thong and he immediately swam over to the girl. He caught Tapao Thong in his mouth and swam back to his cave beneath the waters.


While held captive in the King Crocodile’s mouth, Tapao Thong lost consciousness. Chalawan made efforts to bring her around. Tapao Thong woke up surprised to find herself in a most magnificent cave. When turned to see Chalawan as a human, she became shy of the handsome man before her. Chalawan, seeing his chance, began courting her until she fell in love with him and became his wife.


Meanwhile, the rich man Kham announced to the townsfolk that whoever succeeded in killing Chalawan and brought back his daughter safely shall win her hand in marriage and a share in his riches.



Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market & Water Theatre

44 Moo 5 Tambol Klong Sabua, Amphor Phranakorn Sri Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand,


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