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Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 23, Seacon Square Shopping Mall, Nong Bon, Prawet district, Bangkok.

Paradise Park or formerly known as Seri Centre is a shopping mall located in Prawet District, Bangkok, Thailand. The retail giants Siam Piwat and MBK  made a new joint-venture for new opportunities in the suburbs of Bangkok their Paradise Park Srinakarin transformed Seri Centre at a total cost of 3.2 billion Baht. The mall opened officially August 24, 2010 .


It has been a rival to a nearby mall, Seacon Square. Of the visitors to Paradise Park, about 70 per cent are people who live within a 3-kilometre radius, while the rest come from other areas of Bangkok as well as upcountry. The two companies bought the shares of Seri Centre Management for more than 975 million  Baht and transformed it into a new Mega Mall that is expected to attract about 100,000 visitors a day.


Siam Piwat Company Limited and MBK Plc. invests over two billion Baht in Paradise Park, to be the best shopping centre of Eastern Bangkok. Pioneering under the concept “The Oasis of Srinakarin,” reflected by the complete renovation of both exterior and interior to enhance the modern lifestyles on Srinakarin, the renovation project responds to the widest target group of all demographics and include family members of all ages.


The Partnership is optimistic about the future economic climate and appeals to business alliances to share in the success story that is to be one of the greatest shopping centres. With 70% tenancy completed within three months, the future of Paradise Park is already a promising one.


Mr. Suvait Theeravachirakul, President of Seri Centre Management Co., Ltd. and Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Vice-President, reveal the motivation behind the acquisition of Seri Centre Management’s stock in September 2008.



Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 24, Paradise Square Shopping Mall
Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 24, Paradise Square Shopping Mall
Shops and Shopping in Bangkok, Page 25, Paradise Square Shopping Mall, Pictures