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Wat Klang Ming Mueang  It is located on Charoen Phanit Road. The old temple is believed to have existed before the establishment of Roi Et. The Ubosot was built during the late Ayutthaya period. In the past, it was used for the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony. At present, it is a venue for dharma practice and is known as Sunthon Thamma Pariyat School. The Ubosot houses beautiful murals depicting the life of the Lord Buddha. For more details, call Tel. 0 4351 2400.

Wat Sa Thong  It is located in the city on Hai Sok Road. The temple houses Luangpho Phra Sangkatchai ( Kaccayana ), a sacred Buddha image highly revered by the people of Roi Et. It is not known when it was built. In 1782, Phraya Khattiyawongsa ( Thon ), the first founder of  Roi Et, discovered this image and relocated it to Wat Sa Thong to be the image of the city. In the past, all civil servants had to make a promise before the image that they would be honest in their work.

Wat Buraphaphiram  It is located in Roi Et city. The third class royal temple was formerly known as Wat Hua Ro and was later renamed as Wat Buraphaphiram. There is the tallest standing Buddha image in Thailand known as Phra Phuttha Rattanamongkhon Mahamuni or Luangpho Yai, which  was built with reinforced concrete in the blessing attitude. The Buddha image is 59.2 metres tall and if the base is included, it would be 67.85 metres tall. There is a museum at the base. Luangpho

Yai is highly revered by the people of Roi Et.

Prang Ku or Prasat Nong Ku  It is located at Ban Yang Ku, Tambon Ma ue. Prang Ku is a complex of buildings with a plan that resembles the Khmer nursing home known as ‘Arogayasala’. It comprises the main prang, a library, wall and entrance pavilions, and a pond outside of the wall. The ruins are in good condition, especially the roof structure of the main prang which still maintains its three tiers and the lotus base of the pinnacle. Other ruins of the temple have been restored and are located in a shady environment. Apart from this, to the southeast inside of the front wall, there are many more archaeological finds being kept such as a sandstone lintel depicting a personage sitting on an elephant’s or bull’s back in a niche above the Kala face.  The abbot of Wat Si Rattanaram where Prang Ku is located said the lintel belonged to the front porch of the main prang. There are also 2 fragments of colonnette; one with a hermit at the base, a large Siva Lingam with its receptacle   Yoni  and a fragment of the pinnacle’s lotus base, which was adapted to be the base of a stucco image of Phra Sangkatchai.  Prang Ku was built during the 12th / 13th Century A.D. To get there: From the city, take Highway No. 23 ( Roi Et – Yasothon ) for 10 km. until reaching Thawat Buri district, then turn left for 6 km. to Prang Ku. Or take Highway No. 2044

( Roi Et – Phon Thong ) for 8 km., then turn right for just about 1 km. to Prang Ku.

Roi Et Province, Page 5, Roi Et Province, Ku Ka Sing Temple and Ban Wai Luem Village.
Roi Et Province, Page 4, Interesting places to visit around the Province
Roi Et Province, Page 4, Interesting places to visit around the Province