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Roi Et Province, Page 7, Thung Kula Ronghai, Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkhon.

Literature Botanical Garden  It is the regional literature botanical garden of the Northeast. It covers a total area of about 1,000 rai, featuring plants mentioned in Thai literature.

This is in Tambon Pha Nam Yoi, 85 kilometres from Yasothon. Plants here are from Thai literature like Phra Wetsandon and Lilit Phra Lo. There are also herbs categorised according to their medicinal attributes.


Ku Phra Kona  The central prang was renovated in 1874 by plastering and making the roof into tiers. Each tier has niches of Buddha images in four directions. The front of the central prang was a Wihan of the Buddha’s footprint, decorated with the original six headed Naga. The other two prangs were also renovated, but they remain in their usual styles; unlike the central prang which has been considerably changed. The northern prang was covered with a sala building providing shelter for a gable depicting the Ramayana. Meanwhile, the lintel carving that represents the reclining Vishnu remains in situ above the front entrance.


The lintel of the western false door was laid on the floor; it depicts the God Vishnu on his

mount Garuda. The southern prang still has lintels above the false doors. The one in the

North depicts a deity kneeling inside a stylised arch above the Kala face. In front, there is

also a fallen lintel depicting the God Siva on his bull.


There are also some causeway boundary stones lying over there. It is assumed that Ku

Phra Kona formerly had a Nagabridge and causeway lined with boundary stones on both

sides from the front entrance pavilion ( Gopura ) to the lake ( Baray ), which was located

about 300 metres away. All sculptural features suggest that Ku Phra Kona probably dates

from the Baphoun period, or the 11th Century.


To get there: It is 60 km. from Mueang district along Highway No. 215, passing Mueang

Suang and Suwannaphum districts. Then, take Highway No. 214 for 12 km. Ku Phra Kona

will be on the left hand side. There is a rubber plantation at the entrance and a lot of monkeys

residing in the temple.


Tham Pha Nam Thip Non hunting Area  It comprises steep and complex undulating sandstone mountains with abundant dry evergreen forest, deciduous forest, and deciduous dipterocarp forest. Fauna found in this area include boars, barking deer, foxes, monkeys, squirrels, etc.


Roi Et Province, Literature Botanical Gardens and Ku Phra Kona

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