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Sim Wat Traiphum Khanachan It is situated at Ban Tak Daet, Tambon Hua Thon. The architectural structure suggests that it is a traditional small Sim – local dialect for Ubosot - of the Northeast with a low boundary wall. Its gable

and Rang Phueng – decoration underneath the lower tie beam – are elaborately carved. The Sim houses

murals illustrating Buddhist stories. It is assumed that it dates back to around the Ayutthaya or early

Rattanakosin period. Outside the Sim is situated an Isan-style Buddha image which was moved from Wat

Tai Wilai Tham ( same district ). Sim Wat Traiphum Khanachan was renovated by the Fine Arts

Department in 1998 and awarded for outstanding architecture by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage in the year 1998. To get there: From Mueang district, take Highway No. 214 to Highway No. 215 until reaching Suwannaphum district, then turn left and continue for five km.

Bueng Kluea ( Salt Lake or Sea of Isan ) Situated in Tambon Bueng Klua, it is a large lake covering a total area of 7,500 rai, with water all year round.

Sim Wat Chakkrawan Phum Phinit or Wat Nong Muen Than. It is situated at Ban Nong Muen Than, Tambon Nong Muen Than. It features a small Sim of traditional northeastern style. Its gable and Rang Phueng ( decoration underneath the lower tie beam ) feature fine woodcarving with a wooden shingle roof. Outside is decorated with mural paintings. They depict the life of the Lord Buddha when He subdued Mara - devils, hell, and the Great Renunciation when the Lord Buddha cut his hair and the God Indra took it to be enshrined at Chedi Chulamani in heaven. The murals inside the Ubosot illustrate the folk tale of Sang Sin Chai. They are believed to date back to the early Rattanakosin period.

To get there: From Mueang district, take Highway No. 2043 to At Samat district, continue for ten km., then turn into Ban Nong Muen Than for two km.


Bun Khao Chi and Pho Chai Products Festival or Bun Duean Sam It is held according to Hit Sip Song - the North eastern twelve festivals for the twelve months. The North easterners believe that by making merit with Khao Chi or grilled sticky rice, they would gain huge merit. The festival also features a beauty pageant and competition of a giant sized Khao Chi.

Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet Festival  First held in 1991, it has been held annually around early March every year ever since. The event takes place at the Somdech Phra Srinakarindra Park and Bueng Phalan Chai. Bun Phawet, or known in the Central Region as Bun Mahachat, is usually held in the 4th lunar month. It is a Buddhist ceremony in which the monks give a sermon of all chapters of the Vessantara Jataka, otherwise called the Great Birth Sermon. There are also 13 parades of Phawet, according to the number of the chapters of the sermon, arranged by various public and private organisations. The area around Bueng Phalan Chai has stalls providing free Khao Pun  rice noodle  for participants. There are also contests of traditional arts and culture such as making the bai si su khwan tray

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