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Tak Province, Page 6, King Taksin the Great National Park.

King Taksin the Great National Park, continued


Namtok Mae Ya Pa: This medium  sized waterfall originates from Lam Huai Mae Ya Pa in a dense forest. It flows in layers along the creek into Lam Huai Mae Tho.


Namtok Sam Muen Thung:  This giant waterfall of 30 m high originates from Lam Huai Sam Muen Luang and has water flowing all year round.


Other places of Interest around Tak Province.


Wat Khao Tham Inside the temple, there is the Lord Buddha’s footprint, Phra Sangkatchai, and Kwan Yin ( Goddess of Mercy ). Luangpho Thanchai, the stucco Buddha image sculptured within one day, is housed in the Ubosot ( ordination hall). There is a Chedi ( pagoda ) atop the hill overlooking Tak town.


Wat Mani Phraison  Within the compound, there is a unique building called ‘Chedi Wihan Samphutthe’ which contains 512,028 Buddha images and has 223 small pagodas on its outer surface. The ancient Ubosot ( ordination hall ) is more than 200 years old.


Wat Chumphon Khiri  It is an ancient temple of more than 200 years old. A newly built Chedi is an imitation of Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. The principal Buddha image in the Ubosot ( ordination hall ) is of the Mara-subduing attitude. An ancient drum of more than 200 years old is kept in the Wihan (image hall).


Namtok Mae Kasa  There is a path leading the way up to a high mountain. A cave in front of the waterfall has a 5 m wide stream of water which serves as an entrance to the waterfall.


Bo Nam Ron Mae Kasa  This hot well of  2 m wide is located in Tambon Mae Kasa, right in the village. Hot and cool streams flow to meet at this well.


Chaopho Phawo Shrine  The story has it that Chaopho Phawo was a Karen warrior who was appointed by King Taksin the Great as chief of the Mae Lamao border pass to protect the land. Some told the sacredness of the shrine that if anyone went hunting on Phawo Mountain, they usually encountered irregularities, such as car trouble, sickness, or became lost.

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