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Tak Province, Page 7, King Taksin the Great National Park, Wat Khao Tham, Chaopho Phawo Shrine,

Hill tribe Development and Assistance Centre and Tak Plant and Production Factor Service Centre ( Doi Muser ) In the centre, the Ban Umyom Hilltribe Cultural Centre was established to give knowledge and advice to hill tribe leaders in tourism management. There is a display of clothes, jewellery, and household utensils, and an imitation of the Muser’s house. Outside the cultural centre, there is an imitation of a Chakhue dancing ground. ( Chakhue is a dance of the Muser ).


Doi Muser Horticultural Experiment Station The station conducts experiments and research on coffee beans, tea, fruit, vegetables, and temperate flowers. During November to December, the area around the station is beautifully covered with Mexican sunflowers in full bloom.


Doi Muser Hill Tribe Market  Located on the roadside of the Tak – Mae Sot route ( Highway No. 105 ) around km 29.


Amazing Hill This hill is located at around Km 68 on the Tak – Mae Sot route. Here, a car can be astonishingly seen going up the hill without switching on the engine. A scientist gave an explanation that it was an illusion. The height of the hill was measured to confirm that the way up the hill was lower than the way down. Hence, a car that is seen climbing the hill is really moving towards the lower place. However, no one can explain why such an illusion is seen.


Wat Phothikhun or Wat Huai Toei  The interesting feature is the Ubosot ( ordination hall ). The boat-like Ubosot has three storeys. The ground storey has no decoration. Decorations were made to the walls, ceiling, and heads of the posts on the second storey. On the third storey where religious ceremonies are performed, it was finely decorated on the walls, posts, and ceiling, with the arts of bas-relief, painting, glass inlaying, and gilding.


Wat Thai Watthanaram This is a temple of the Mahayana Buddhism ( Great Vehicle ) of the Thai Yai people. Inside the temple, there is Phra Phutthamahamuni, an imitation image of the sacred Buddha image in Mandalay, Union of Myanmar, which gains great respect from the people of Tak.


This temple is located at Mu 1, Tambon Ta Sai Luat, on the way to the Rim Moei border market, just 500 meters from the Thai  Myanmar Friendship Bridge. The temple was originally known as Wat Thai Yai as the construction of the temple was greatly influenced by Burmese culture and Mahayana Buddhism. Enshrined within the temple are a reclining Buddha image and a marble Buddha image. In addition, on the second floor of the main Viharn, a collection of Burmese musical instruments, including tuned drums and gongs are on display.


Rim Moei Market It is a community on the bank of the Moei River. It is also a market of local products of Thailand and Myanmar, as well as a market of gemstones from the Union of Myanmar.

Tak Province, Page 9, Thai / Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, The Moel River.