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Thai / Myanmar Friendship Bridge  The bridge is located in Tambon Tha Sai Luat, across the Moei

River between Tak’s Mae Sot district and Myawadi in the Union of Myanmar. It is 420 m long and

13 m wide. Thai people and residents of Mae Sot district can travel or drive across the bridge.

However, a border pass is required. The border pass service is available at the Mae Sot Immigration

Checkpoint or the Mae Moei City Centre. Fees are charged on both the Thai and Burmese sides.

Car insurance fees are also provided. Enquire about the information in detail before starting a trip

since regulations may be changed. Contact the Mae Sot Immigration Checkpoint,

Tel. 0 5556 3002 – 4.


Foreign visitors wishing to travel across the bridge to enter the Union of Myanmar are required to present their passports to get a free-of-charge visa at the immigration checkpoint on the Thai border. On the Burmese side, ten U.S. dollars (subject to change) per person must be paid at the immigration checkpoint for a one-day visit from 06.00 – 18.00 hrs. Foreign visitors are not allowed to go farther than 2 km from the checkpoint. For more information, contact the Mae Sot Immigration Checkpoint or the Mae Sot District Office, Tel. 0 5553 1077.


Phrathat Hin Kio  It is a miracle of nature that a gigantic rock can stay on such a cliff. The rock is so slim at some point that it seems to be parted into two pieces. A Mon-styled Chedi was built on the exact width of the rock.


The Moei River ( aka Thaungyin in Myanmar )  This river is the borderline between Myanmar and Thailand. It is 327 km long, flowing towards the north unlike a river in general.


Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary Most of the areas are a range of high steep and complex mountains where there are different types of forest: hill evergreen forest, dry ever green forest, mixed deciduous forest, and deciduous dipterocarp forest. Places of interest in the Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary:


Doi Khun Mae Tuen: There is a wide rocky ground and a small cave with stalagmites and stalactites. Inside, where many wild animals, such as barking deer, serow, bat, etc. live.

Lam Nam Mae Tuen: This large tributary of the Ping River flows to merge with the main stream above the Bhumibol Dam. Whitewater rafting on a rubber dinghy is an activity on Lam Nam Mae Tuen.

Doi Soi Mala: It is the highest mountaintop in the Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, about 1,600 m above sea level. One interesting thing here is a salamander ( or named as Chingchok Nam ) which is a rarely-seen ancient species, similar to a lizard with a pink body

Tak Province, Page 9, Thai / Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, The Moel River.
Tak Province, Page 10. Khun Phrawo National Park, and how to get there.