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Tak Province, Page 9, Thai / Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, The Moel River.

Khun Phrawo National Park: Khun Phrawo National Park is situated in an approximate area of 220 square kilometres , covering the areas of Mae Lamao and Mae Ramat National Reserved Forests, Tak Province.


The geographical features of the National Park consists of high mountains ( at the altitude of 350-905 meters above the medium sea level ), which are the sources of major gullies, including Huai Mae La-mao, Huai Mae Charao, Huai Phrawo, Huai Mae Kasa, Huai Mae Kit Luang, Huai Pha-so, Huai Sa-muen Luang, Huai Samae, and Huai Mae Ra-mat, flowing into the agricultural areas of Mae Sot district and Mae Ramat district in Tak province.


The weather at the National Park is cool and breezy throughout the year. The average highest temperature is 20 deg centigrade ; meanwhile the lowest temperature is 80 deg centigrade ; and the average rainfall is 1,676 mm/year. Particularly in the rainy season, you can view the sea of fogs covering the areas of the National Park.


There are various kinds of forests within the areas of the National Park, including mixed forests, virgin forests, and dense forests. Major plants include Indian Mahogany, teaks, Dipterocarpus Tuberculatus ( Pluang ), Lithocarpus Cantleyanus (Kor), Lagerstroemia ( Tabaek ), Terminalia Chebula, Afzelia Xylocarpa Roxb., ebony, Millettia Pendula ( Ka-jaw ), Terminalia Arjuna ( Rokfa ), Xylia Xylocarpa ( redwood plants ), etc.


Wild animals found in the National Park includes Muntiacus Muntjak, wild boars, bears, langur, flying squirrel, gibbons, cobra, King Cobra, rabbits, squirrels, tree shrews, red jungle fowls, golden cats, etc.


Khun Phra Wo National Park

P.O. Box 11, Mae Ramat, Tak, Thailand   63140

Head's name : Prasat Gamnerd   Position : Forestry Officer, Senior Level


By Car

From the city of Tak, you may take Highway No.105 ( Tak Mae Sot ) until Mae Sot district, and turn right to Mae Ramat district. Then, turn right to Highway No.1175 ( Mae Ramat  Ban Tak ) about 16 kilometres and you will reach the National Park Headquarters.


The National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department provide reservation online system in order that you can arrange your accommodation booking at web site www.dnp.go.th. Right now, reservation can be made 90 days in advance. The duration will be reduced to 60 days since April 1, 2004.




Tak Province, Page 11, Khun Phrawo National Park,& the Namtok Pha Charoen National Park.