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Tak Province, Page 10. Khun Phrawo National Park, and how to get there.

Places of interest in the Khun Phrawo National Park:


Huai Mae Lamao:  This large creek is in an unspoiled forest, offering white water rafting on a rubber dinghy going throughout surrounding nature and a forested mountain.


Nature Trail: The walking path goes up and down the fairly steep hills, and passes along the river upstream and a small waterfall. During the period of change from the rainy to cool season, colourful wild flowers can be seen. The greenery is dotted with strikingly red Krathue ( Boesenbergia prainiana ) and yellow Mexican sunflowers.


Namtok Pha Thewa: It is on the nature trail and the most remarkable waterfall of the park. With its height of 150 m, the powerful flow falls against boulders and the pool below. In the woods, there is a pagoda containing cremated bones of a woman who hanged herself because she was heartbroken.


Tham Mae Usu:  This cave is around 12 km from the Tha Song Yang District Office to the north. To the west, there is a gigantic hollow rock. In the afternoon, rays of sunlight beautify the cave inside.


Namtok Nang Khruan It is a medium size waterfall with small layers of flowing water amidst a shady forest. It receives water


Namtok Pha Charoen National Park  Most of the areas are high complex mountains of 1,765 m above sea level and feature a mixed deciduous forest and a coniferous forest.


Places of Interest in the Namtok Pha Charoen National Park:


Namtok Pha Charoen It is a limestone waterfall receiving water from a creek that flows into a pool of water. This ninety seven tiered waterfall has water flowing all year round.

Bo Nam Ron Huai Nam Nak This natural hot well measures at 12 degrees on the Celsius scale. Nowadays, there are gazebos provided by the Phop Phra District Administration next to the well at its side on the Ro Pho Cho road.

Doi Kia Viewpoint This is the highest point of the borderline between Myanmar and Thailand. It is around 512 m high and overlooks a forest in Myanmar.

Namtok Pa Wai The waterfall originates from Pa Wai Creek where water flows all year round and many rattan plants grow.

Namtok Sai Fa and Namtok Sai Rung These waterfalls have spray of water which looks like a rainbow when being seen in sunlight.

Tak Province, Page 12, Amphoe Mae Ramat, Wat Don Kaeo, Ban Boran.