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Umphang and Umphang Highway,  is the southernmost district ( Amphoe ) of Tak Province, Thailand at the Thai Myanmar border. It is also the name of the town centre of the district.

Neighbouring districts are ( North from clockwise ): Amphoe Phop Phra; Amphoe Khlong Lan and Amphoe Pang Sila Thong of Kamphaeng Phet Province; Amphoe Mae Wong and King Amphoe Mae Poen of Nakhon

Sawan Province; Amphoe Ban Rai of Uthai Thani Province; and Amphoe Thong Pha Phum

and Amphoe Sangkhla Buri of Kanchanaburi Province. The western edge of the district has

a long boundary with Burma (Myanmar). Surrounded by national parks and wildlife reserves,

it is one of the least accessible district in Thailand. Nevertheless, it has the one major tourist

attraction, Thi Lo Su Waterfall  the largest waterfall of Thailand.

The Highway 1090 ( Mae Sot Umphang ) is the only road linking Umphang to other parts

of Thailand. Another highway, Highway 1167, connect Umphang town to the Burmese border.

Highway 1090, 164 km in total, has two lanes during much of the way and contains 1,219 curves, a number proudly displayed at numerous places in Umphang. It is one of the toughest roads for those who suffer from motion sickness. The journey through this highway takes about three to four hours.

There was a Highway 1117 ( Khlong Lan Umphang ) project that would have provided a connection from Amphoe Khlong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet Province but the project was shelved in 1987 pending an environmental study. About 115 km of the highway beginning from Khlong Lan was already constructed, leaving the last 28 km on the Umphang side where it stopped in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in 1990. Suggestion to finish this project surfaced a few times but was eventually rejected due to the virgin forest the last 28 km section must cut through. Another project linking Umphang to Amphoe Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi Province was proposed in 2004 but was immediately rejected. Beside the highway 1090, there is a municipal airport in Umphang.

Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary It covers a total area of 1,619,280 rai and has been maintained as a conservation forest to preserve natural resources. This western woodland is also an origin of a World Heritage Site. Most trees are species of a rain forest and a deciduous forest. Wild animals found are clouded leopard, Malayan tapir serow, hawk, pelican, etc.

Places of Interest in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary:

Namtok Thi Lo Su This large waterfall is on a limestone mountain, 900 m above sea level. It originates from Klo Tho Creek cascading along a steep cliff. It ranks among the world’s six most beautiful waterfalls.

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