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Places of Interest in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary: continued

Namtok Thi Lo Cho or Namtok Saifon Its rapidly flowing stream against boulders causes sprays of

water that look like falling rain from the sky, and a rainbow is therefore created.

Namtok Se Pla This waterfall on a limestone mountain flows in tiers, and is 10 m wide and 50 m

long. Its flowing stream against boulders looks like a beautiful white cloud.

Namtok Thi Lo Re The main stream of water flows along the high steep cliff into the Mae Klong River

from the height of 80 m amidst the beauty of nature.

Trok Ban Chin This place is near Wat Sitalaram. Until the extension of the Ping River, the area had

been a trading area and on a distribution route of goods and consumption products from the Pho

estuary in Nakhon Sawan to Ban Tha Chin..

Doi Hua Mot There are no large trees on these mountains; only small grasses, such as cycad and Thian pa ( Impatiens calcicola ), grow in general. Wildflowers can be seen in full bloom during the rainy season.

Tham Takhobi This large cave with a high ceiling has a wide path in tiers and many walking lines inside. Its stalagmites and stalactites are attractive.

Phra Phutthabat Doi Khao Nam This Lord Buddha’s footprint is enshrined in Wat Phra Phutthabat at the top of a hill on an island.

Mae Salit Stone Mortar and Production Site Located on Highway No. 1, ( Phahonyothin Road ) in front of the Mae Salit Subdistrict Administration Office, is the largest granite mortar in Thailand. It is 2.1 mtr. in diameter, 1.6 mtr. high and 7,000 kg in weight, with a large pestle of 2.1 mtr. long, 1.35 mtr. wide and 1,000 kg in weight.

The fact that the village of San Klang in Tambon Mae Salit is where the famous stone mortar Khrok Ang Sila is made as an OTOP handicraft, is known to a few. During the summer, Tak is the hottest place since it is the largest source of granite in Thailand. The granite found here is of Thailand’s best quality.

Visitors can buy Tak’s granite mortars at shops in front of the Mae Salit Tambon Administration Office on Asian Highway, Amphoe  Ban Tak.

Tak Province, Page 16, Wat Chonprathan Rangsan, Wat Mani Banphot Worawihan.
Tak Province, Page 12, Amphoe Mae Ramat, Wat Don Kaeo, Ban Boran.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

( Namtok Teelorsu )