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Wat Sitalaram or Wat Nam Hak  The Ubosot ( ordination hall ) and a wooden building were built in the European style of art. The ordination hall once burnt and rebuilt has a wood-carved gallery in the front and houses a Buddha image of the Ayutthaya period.


Wat Chonprathan Rangsan Located at Mu 3, Ban Chatsan in Tambon Sam Ngao, around 5 km from Bhumibol Dam, this temple was built by the Royal Irrigation Department. Since the construction of Bhumibol Dam caused flooding over the community area of Tambon Ban Na, the villagers were evacuated to the area allocated by the Department.


The temple was established to replace the eight temples which were flooded in 1959; namely, Wat Ban Huai, Wat Si Thaen, Wat Don Kaeo, Wat Luang, Wat Tha Duea, Wat Tha Pong, Wat Umwap, and Wat Phrathat Loi. Important items of each of the eight temples which were moved to be maintained in this temple are the Lord Buddha’s relics, Phrathat Loi – the sacred relics, the umbrella at the pagoda’s top, the three bronze Buddha images called Luangpho Thanchai, bronze Buddha images in different sizes and attitudes, the gilded casket containing Buddha’s teachings, wooden cabinets, etc.


Trok Ban Chin ( Ban Chin Alley ) An old port area, Trok Ban Chin used to be the centre for trade and business transactions and also a distribution centre for goods to and from Pak Nam Pho in Nakhon Sawan Province. Today, Trok Ban Chin is not only a distant memory of the past but is also an ideal place for antique lovers and visitors interested in seeing original Thai-style teak homes.


Museum of Indigenous Arts and Culture Situated inside the compound of the Educational Welfare School ( Suksa Songkraw Tak School ), just 12 kilometres from the city is the Museum of Indigenous Arts and Culture.This museum features a colorful collection of art representing the exquisite culture of six hill tribes including Karen, Lisu, Musoe ( Lahu ), Akha, Yao and Hmong. Silver ornaments crafted and produced by hill tribe residents are also displayed. To get reach the museum; take Highway No. 105 ( Tak Mae Sot )


Sericulture Experimental Station This place is where the growing of mulberries and the raising of silkworms are done on a large scale.


Wat Mani Banphot Worawihan  It is a provincial royal monastery and an example temple of development. It has an angular Mon-styled Chedi (pagoda) with 16 indented corners at the back. Inside the Ubosot ( ordination hall ), there is a portrait of King Rama V royally given to this temple, and a Buddha image Phra Phuttharup Saengthong.



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