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Tak Province, Page 16, Wat Chonprathan Rangsan, Wat Mani Banphot Worawihan.

Doi Soi Malai This hill is located in the Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, about 1,600 metre. above sea level. Follow Highway No. 1175 ( Ban Tak – Mae Ramat route ) for 60 km. An interesting thing here is a salamander or water lizard, a rarely seen ancient creature; its pink body is similar to the lizard’s. Most areas are covered with a pine forest. There are viewpoints and a beautiful misty morning. Visitors can put up a tent for an overnight stay at the headquarters.


Wat Bot Mani Si Bunrueang  The Ubosot ( ordination hall ) was built during the reign of King Rama IV. There is a Mon – styled pagoda that enshrines the Buddha’s relics in its umbrella-shaped top. The Wihan or Vihara hall houses the magnificent principal Buddha image called Luangpho Phutthamon, which was built during the Sukhothai period.


Wat Phrathat Kaeng Soi, Amphoe Sam Ngao  This temple is located in Tambon Ban Na, around 56 km from Bhumibol Dam. It underwent several renovations; the important one was done by Khruba Chaiyawongsa, the revered Buddhist monk of Wat Phrabat Huai Tom, who renovated the pagoda and built a new umbrella on its top as well as numerous quarters for monks. According to legend, the Lord Buddha’s relics and hair were contained in the pagoda.


It was presumed by the Fine Arts Department that this area was probably an important gateway town of the Hariphunchai Kingdom, named Wiang Soi, over 800 years ago. Travel in the past had to be made along the course of the Ping River. Wiang Soi flourished and had up to 99 temples. The ruling was passed down several generations. Indigenous people are Lua. The last ruler was Phaya Utum. Nowadays, the archaeological evidence of the town lays underwater, and it can be seen only when the water recedes just to a very low level.


Local Products


Miang Kham Mueang Tak or Miang Chomphon Its condiments include shredded coconut, fried dried rice, roast peanut, dried shrimps, crispy pork skin, small pieces of lemon, shallot, and ginger, fresh capsicum, soya bean sauce, and sesame cracker or leaves of Cha-phlu ( Piper sarmentosum Roxb ). The sesame cracker will be softened in water. The rest of the condiments will be wrapped by a soft cracker into a titbit and topped with a drop of soya bean sauce. Miang Kham is a kind of snack popular in Tak and nearby provinces.


Kuaitiao Phuen Mueang Remarkably, noodle soup here is cooked with small flat threads. Other condiments are powdered dried shrimp, small pieces of crispy pork skin, shallot, fried garlic, chopped pork, sliced cow pea, granulated sugar, lemon juice, and fish sauce.

Tak Province, Page 18, Festivals held here and local products.