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Prachuap Khiri Khan Page 5, Places of Interest in and around Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
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Waghor Aquarium: A place around ten km south of Prachuap in a small district called Waghor.

Its design focuses atmosphere of aquamarine and sea simulation for every part of building to be fascinated, excited and interested. Meanwhile, all zones are laid out according to behaviour desire of audience and its object. Data, description and content of the similar projects as well as related foundation data have been studied for comparison.

Exhibition content presents the objective of each item is analysed to specify the way to solve problem and layout the utilized area for maximum utilization and aesthetics. Concept of this project is as travelling to different aqua places where can be presented by composition of aquatic animals design for the main hall.


It is design as the deep-sea atmosphere and welcome by the aquatic animal. This section simulates the sea and the floor is made of sandstone represents the sand in the high sea. The ceiling is made of flat gypsum and partly build as blue dome represents the light and water surface with the swimming fishes. As well as the boat cabin is shipping and the waving light are decorated to show the underwater atmosphere. The wall is made of light green concrete to represent the enormous sea and some part of wall is light hole like sea animals. Furniture is made of fibreglass. The next section is the lecture room before the exit to exhibition. Decoration concepts for lecture room it to present the beach while the sunset. When the water levels recedes, the sand beach is prominent with the some small aquatic animals, especially the chairs in the room is made as the king crab.


The wall is dark blue and light blue velvet as the horizon. Floor with the purple carpet presents the combination of sea and sky. The next section is exhibition concept presents From the plain to the sea. Starting with the upper floor to the lower floor which presents The voyage from upstream to the sea. Decorated colour depends on location of animal. Almost walls of exhibition stand various sizes of fish gloves. Some concrete walls are blue or it is built in the fake stone with fibreglass due to the most similar to the sea. The floor is made of sandstone representing the sand. Some part of ceiling paints blue, some is made in the dome shape or arch. There the lights are attached to present the wave of sea. They are simulations of sea.

Prachuap Khiri Khan Page 5a, Places of Interest in and around Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Waghor Aquarium.