Chaiyaphum Province, Page 5, Tat Ton National Park
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Tat Ton National Park Chaiyaphum, located on Phu Lan ka Mountain range in Phu Lan Ka conservation forest. The park has total area of 217.18 km 2. It was designated to be National Park on the 31st December 1980 as the 23rd national park of Thailand. This area is a part of Lum Pa Tao river source and flow to meet Shee River of which utilize Issan People.

It is on Phu Lanka Mountains. Most of the land is on the highland and surrounded by mountains. In the central is lowland. There are three peaks: Phu Kaset, Phu Dee, and Phu Youk. Each peak is the water sources as well as Dtan-dta-nod Waterfall. The river is flowing though Muang District, Chaiyaphum. Tat Ton National Park  Due to the conditions of the steep and complex mountains, with a slope in the south and a long mountain ridge from Prachin Buri, passing Khao Yai and Chaiyaphum towards Loei, this national park is, therefore, located in a dry area with quite high temperatures. However, the general forest condition is still perfect, and it consists of deciduous dipterocarp forest and dry evergreen forest. The following attractions can be found inside this national park:

Namtok Tat Ton is a beautiful waterfall near the Office of the National Park with water

flowing all year but it is particularly magnificent during the rainy season.

Chaopho Tat Ton ( Pu Duang ) Shrine it has been told that Pu Duang had Khmer ethnicity

and lived in the similar period to Chaopho Phaya Lae. He behaved as a strict lay ascetic

who lived a humble life, usually meditating and strictly following the dharma. He also had

the knowledge and ability to treat people with herbs. Therefore, he received respect from

a large number of people.

Namtok Tat Fa It is a stone terrace with a width of 15 / 20 metres, a length of 80 / 90 metres and a slope of approximately 30 degrees. It is similar to a natural slide board.

Namtok Pha Iang It is a medium size waterfall stemming from the Chi Long Stream. It is a cliff leaning ( Iang ) towards the stream making the water run to one side.

Namtok Pha Song Chan is a waterfall in the Tat Ton National Park above Namtok Pha Iang. It is a 2 layered cliff with a height of about 5 metres.

Namtok Phanit  is a waterfall 1 kilometre south of Namtok Pha Iang. Its characteristic is similar

to the latter

Wat Phra Phutthabat Phu Faet is a small rise with the Buddha’s footprint on a stone similar to

that in Saraburi ( pictured right )

Chaiyaphum Province, Page 5, Tat Ton National Park
Chaiyaphum Province, Page 5, Tat Ton National Park