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.Wat Sa Hong This temple is situated on a stone rise. There is a natural rock in a swan - Hong or Hamsa - shape. Behind the temple’s hall is an ancient pond with a width of approximately 10 metres, filled of water all year round.


Wat Sila At Phu Phra  Within the compound of this temple is a rock shelter whit engraved bas-relief Buddha images. It is the source of the name Phu Phra and has been respected among the locals for a long period of time.


Phu Khi is the highest summit of the national park where the scenery and surroundings of Phu Yuak, Phu Taphao, the Phu Khiao Range, Kaset Sombun District and Phu Khiao District can be seen.


Phu Kaset  is the second highest summit after Phu Khi in this same national park. Geographically, it is cold and dry because of deforestation and shifting cultivation, leaving behind a large abandoned field on the Phu Laen Kha mountain range.


Dok Krachiao Field in Pa Hin Ngam Thung Khlong Chang  is a deciduous dipterocarp forest where Krachiao - curcuma - bulbs with pink and white blossoms grow on a rocky terrain together with various types of other plants. There is also a large rock similar to an elephant.


Mo Hin Khao is a plateau of large rocks scattered in strange and rare shapes similar to mushrooms, boats, elephants, turtles and chedis. Moreover, there are large stone columns standing in a line.


Viewpoint of Lan Hin Rong Kla  is a large stone plateau with various deep cracks and distinguished cliffs. It is approximately 700 to 800 metres above sea level.


Viewpoint of Pa Hin Prasat is a location of a unique large rock similar to a prasat and a nature sightseeing spot.


Pha Phae  is a stone cliff which occurred from the lifting of stone layers and the movement of ores. Therefore, the colours of the ores’ pigments are obviously different.


The Pha Kluaimai or Orchid Cliffs  are high cliffs of many heights stretching horizontally and connected to one another. There are many kinds of rare orchids scattered on the cliffs.



Tat Ton National Park, Chaiyaphum.