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Tham Phra and Tham Kluea  are white sandstone caves created by water erosion running through the stone crevices, causing a chemical reaction over a long period of time as well as the alteration and natural change of the sandstone layers causing large holes.

Khao Khat and the Chi River  is a natural characteristic of the mountain range created from the sinking and uplifting of the Phu Laen Kha and Phang Hoei mountain ranges, causing a pass through the mountains and creating many legends that have been passed on for a long time.

Pha Koeng  is a part of the Phu Laen Kha mountain range. The locals call it Pha Koeng meaning a moon cliff in the Isarn language.

Ban Khwao is famous for silk weaving. It is particularly well known for its Mudmee silk which is popular among those who favour Thai traditional fabrics.

Ku Daeng  is an ancient Khmer ruin. At present, the ruin is only a square base made of laterite with recessed corners and a staircase on each of its four sides. This ruin was, estimating from the pattern on its lintel, constructed in the 11th century in the period of the Baphuon art of the ancient Khmer Empire.

Pratu Khlong ( Natural Stone Archway ) is a large stone similar to a gate ( Pratu )  whereas in the surrounding area are located many stones in bizarre shapes alternated by deciduous dipterocarp forest.

There are three kinds of weather as the following:

1. Summer – between February-May, the weather is very hot. Most of tourists

prefer to go to the waterfall.

2. Rainy – between June – September, Dtad-Ton waterfall is very beautiful during

this time.

3. Winter – between October-January, the average weather is about 13c

The Park consists of dipterocarp forest and dry evergreen forest, important flora

are Shorea Obtusa, Shorea Siamensis, Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, Dipterocarpus

obtusifollus, Semecarpus and Pterocarpus macrocarpus. Wildlife are found here e.g., barking deer, wild pig, mongoose, Siamese hare, squirrel, shrew, red jungle fowl and birds.

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