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Sai Thong National Park, Chaiyaphum.

Lacated on Pung Huei Mountain range consist of Na Yang Gluk Conservation Forest and conservation preparing forest. Sai Thong National Park was designated on the 30th December 1992, with total area of 319 km2. The Park located in Amphur Nong Bua Rawae, Thep Satit, Phakdi Chumpon and Nong Bua Daeng, Chaiyaphum Province.

Geographical Features

It is the head water of Lum Huai Prong Khun Pet, Lum Huai Chiang Ta, Lum Huai Yae, Lum

Huai Yang, Lum Nam Jao-field of Shee River.

Varieties of Plants and Wild Animals consist of dry evergreen forest, dipterocarp forest and

Mixed deciduous forest

Tourist Attractions

Namtock Sai Thong Waterfall located in the Park Headquarters. There is a big pool, which you can swim on the top of the waterfall, called  Wang Ngueag, with water flow over the 150 m. long stone field.

Namtock Chuan Chom Waterfall   located 2 km. above Sai Thong Waterfall, through peaceful nature trail.

Pha Pho Mueang is a cliff along the west side of the Phang Hoei mountain ridge along the route leading upward to the Bua Sawan Field, a total distance of approximately 3 kilometres and 700 to 908 metres above sea level.

Pha Ham Hot View Spot is the summit of the Phang Hoei mountain range, 864 metres above sea level. It is cold throughout the year.

Tham Kaeo The cave is similar to a hall, located deep inside the mountain and chilly and humid throughout the year. From the entrance, there is a path leading to a lower level where a Buddha image is enshrined.

Thung Bua Sawan  or Thung Dok Krachiao there is pinks and whites colour flower field on the west of Pung Huai Mountain. Yearly, from June to August, we can see bloomed curcuma flower over the field. Eco tourism study tour of which hiking and camping on the field is available.

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