Chaiyaphum Province, Page 14, Destinations within Pa Hin Ngam National Park national park
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Home Page Site Map. site map for Chaiyaphum Province, Page13c, Video’s of Pa Hin Ngam National Park Chaiyaphum, Thailand. Initially known as Lan Hin Ngam by local villagers.

Destinations within Pa Hin Ngam National Park national park are as follows:

Lan Hin Ngam  It was caused by the erosion of the soil and rocks into different shapes, which can be imagined as many kinds of objects and animals such as nails, radar, hens, etc.

Dok Krachiao or Bua Sawan Field Krachiao – a kind of curcuma - is an annual plant in the same species as ginger-galingale, scattered generally from Lan Hin Ngam to the Sut Phaendin viewpoint.

Sut Phaendin  is a steep cliff and the highest point of the Phang Hoei mountain range, 2 kilometres from the Office of the National Park and 846 metres above sea level. It is the cliff connecting between the Central and Northeastern regions.

Namtok Thep Phana is a medium-size waterfall originating from Huai Krachon flowing from the Phang Hoei mountain range. It can be divided into 3 different tiers. There is water only during the rainy season.

Namtok Thep Prathan  is situated in Ban Rai Sub-district, 7 kilometres from the Office of the National Park. It is a medium-size waterfall but quite flat. There are different low tiers of large rock terraces and a steep highland with a large amount of water during the rainy season.

Phu Phra  Phra Phutthabat Khao Yai Hom  It is a red Buddha’s left footprint, stamped onto the

rock terrace with a width of 75 centimetres, length of 180 centimetres, and depth of 45 centimetres,

surrounded by 3 holy ponds.

Located in Ban Na Kai Sao. Tambol Na Sieo about 19 kms. From town centre either along the

Chaitaphum.Tat Ton National Park Rd. or the Chaiyaphum’ Kaeng Krow Highway. Is a white

sandstone hill. Late renowned meditation masters. Such as Ajahn Mun Bhuritatto. Ajahn Fahn and Luang Pu Waen. Used to stay here for their meditation practice.

Local Products Chaiyaphum‘s local products are Mudmee silk, cotton cloth, Khit cloth, triangular pillows and other woven cloth products. Also delicate basketry and various local dishes such as Mam, Som Wua, fish cake, and Issan sausage can be found in this province.

Culture Chaiyaphum is a centre for the Northeastern Thai musical styles Mor lam and Mor lam sing.

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