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Chaiyaphum Province, Page 16, Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaiyaphum, Thailand. Interesting destinations within the reserve are as follows:

Thung Kramang is a large area of grassland located in the middle of the reserve, is an important source of food for herbivores. On top of the hill over Thung Kramang lies a royal residence overlooking the reservoir.


Phrom River  On its east lies Huai Dat or Lam Dok, the main brook shifting the water from the lower part of Chulabhorn Dam to produce the electricity. It also directs the flow into the Lam Su Brook which has water throughout the year. Above the Phrom River is located Lan Chan, consisting of a rock terrace and a deep crooked pool within a serene and shady atmosphere.


Lan Chan and Tat Hin Daeng Lan Chan is a large rock terrace along the Phrom River with water throughout the year. It is a shady area full of various kinds of big and small trees due to it being surrounded by evergreen forests with moss, fern, rattan, betel-vine and various kinds of medicinal plants growing there.


Bueng Paen  It is grassland similar to Thung Kamang, but it lies in a lower plain which floods during the rainy season. In the dry season, there is a swamp in the middle of the plain.


Namtok Tat Khro is a large and high waterfall to the south of Thung Kramang near the Phu Khiao Forest Safeguard Centre in Nong Bua Daeng District. The water from this waterfall will run down to the Saphung River.


Namtok Huai Wai  is a 3-tiered waterfall. Each of its levels is 20 metres high. The location where it runs through the mountain is the pass in between Khao Phu Noi and Khao Phu Khiao Yai.


Namtok Nakkharat : The width of this waterfall is approximately 5 metres with 3 tiers of different height. Nearby the waterfall one finds and abundance of Phaya Nakkharat ( Polynesian foot fern ) and it is therefore that the waterfall is called Namtok Nakkharat.


Phu Khing  is the summit of the Khao Khiao mountain range with a height of 1,167 metres above sea level. It is considered as the 5th highest one of the Northeast and is located in the Phu Khiao Wildlife Reserve.


The Phu Khio Wildlife Breeding Research Station  There are many kinds of wildlife to see, particularly sambar deer and brown-antlered deer.

Pha Thewada The rocks at this cliff are white - similar to limestone - with a water flow passing through called Chi Phut. It is the origin of the Chi River with a width of 10-15 metres running through the south of the mountain and down to the Chi Yai River at Ban Lon.


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