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Nakhon Ratchasima, Road Routes to Korat, Issan, and within the Province

Nakhon Ratchasima Page 4, Road Routes to Korat and video of Korat
Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 4b, Getting to and around Korat by Bus.

The main road into the city is Highway 2 ( Mittraphap Road ) which originates in Saraburi and ends in Nong Khai. The Mall, Tesco Lotus and several hotels are situated next to it. Shortly after The Mall, it bears left, goes past the main bus station and onto Khon Kaen. To the north of the city it joins with the bypass also known  somewhat confusingly  as Highway 2.


The road network within the city is, for the most part, an American-style grid system. Therefore, once you are familiar with the place, it is easy to find your way around. But if you are new in town it can be a nightmare as every road looks the same. This is particularly the case in the moated historic centre of the city.


The moat encloses the original city - almost a perfect rectangle, one and a half km's by one km - and consists of seven main roads that run east to west: Phonsaen, Yommarat, Atsadang, Chomphon, Mahat Thai, Supphasit and Kamheng-Songkhram, and six main roads that run north to south: Chumphon ( not to be confused with Chomphon ), Jagkree, Manat, Pratchak, Kudan and Phonlan. The English spelling of Thai words is an inexact science so do not be surprised to see variations on these spellings in different guide books, on maps and on street signs.


For example, Jagkree is sometimes spelled Chakrii; Phonsaen can be Polsan; Chomphon can be Jompol; Supphasit may have no h; Atsadang may have double s and no t; Pratchak may have no t, and so on. To add to your confusion, the names of Jagkree Road and Pratchak Road change south of their intersections with Chomphon Road: to Watchara Sarit Road and Chai Narong Road respectively.

The obvious geographical reference point for travellers is the statue of Thao Suranaree ( or Yamo ). Every tuk-tuk, motorbike taxi, Songthaew and taxi driver will understand Yamo so you should not have any problem getting there. She stands between Chumphon and Ratchadamnoen Roads.


Both of these are one way streets and from Ratchadamnoen you can catch songthaws to just about every part of the city. Ratchadamnoen ends where it meets Highway 224. Turn left onto Highway 224 and it becomes Highway 2 ( Mittraphap ) after about a kilometre. Turn right, and the 224 takes you east and then south towards Dan Kwian pottery village and Chok Chai.


At Chok Chai ( 30 km's south of the city ) the 224 crosses Highway 24 which goes to Buri ram, Surin and Ubon Ratchathani.

Three main roads lead off Ratchadamnoen: Chomsurangyat, Pho Klang and Suranaree. These are busy two-way thoroughfares and all three converge a kilometre and a half west of Yamo to form Mukmontri Road which leads back to Highway 2.