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Nakhon Ratchasima, Shopping Malls / Stores and Markets in Korat

Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 4e, Songtaew's in and around Korat.
Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 4g, Shopping Malls, Stores and Markets in Korat

Klang Plaza Chomsurangyat ( Klang Mai / Klang Plaza 2 ), Corner of Ratchadamnoen and Chomsurangyat (Stand in front of Yamo, facing Ratchadamnoen Road, and look left - you cannot miss it!   +66 (0) 44 260111 ( fax: +66 (0) 44 252534 ),  Every day, 10 AM-9 PM.  Klang Plaza Chomsurang ( or Jomsurang ) Department Store was opened in 1991. This building, staggeringly huge by Korat standards, utterly dominates the downtown/city centre area. It is about 100 metres from Yamo but directions are superfluous: you really cannot miss it. The more useful points of interest include: a supermarket, food hall and various restaurants on the ground floor and another food hall on the fifth floor; coin-operated Internet access on the fifth floor; a kids' play area, including miniature railway on the sixth floor and an exhibition hall often used for sports events on the seventh floor.


The Mall, Mittraphap Road ( Highway 2 ) Approaching from the west ( Bangkok ) The Mall is on the left halfway between Tesco Lotus and the Highway 2 and 224 intersection.),  +66 (0) 44 231000,  Every day, 10 AM-9 PM. The Mall, part of a nationwide chain, opened around ten years ago and is a popular daytime haunt for the more affluent members of Korat society. The sprawling complex - which has just had another floor added - has all you would expect of such a place: western restaurants ( including the only McDonalds in the whole city ), fashion boutiques, a supermarket, cinema, a large food hall, an outdoor swimming pool and so on. After window shopping upstairs, head down into the basement/lower-ground floor level where you will find many small independent shops and stalls selling clothes for a fraction of the price of those upstairs.


Big C, 118 Mittraphap Road ( Follow Mittraphap as it bears left shortly after The Mall, s/p Khon Kaen & Udon Thani, Big C is on the right after a couple of hundred metres ),  +66 (0) 44 295050 (sgm.korat@bigc.co.th, fax: +66 (0) 44 295030), Every day, 9 AM-11 PM. This large superstore ( officially a Super centre ) has restaurants, banks, clothes shops, jewellery shops and more on the ground floor and a supermarket on the first floor. As with most modern supermarkets, it sells a lot more than food and drink. Clothes, furniture, household appliances, even motorbikes can all be found on the first floor. Tuk-tuks and motorbike taxis wait outside and songthaws 7 and 15 will get you back to the city centre.


Klang Plaza Atsadang ( Klang Plaza 1 ), Atsadang Road ( From the west, Highway 224, turn right onto Chumphon Rd, take the third left on Chumphon ( Atsadang Rd ), go straight across the intersection with Jagree Rd and it is on your right - opposite the Korat Hotel.),  +66 (0) 44 244771,  Every day, 10 AM-9 PM. This is the original Klang Plaza, built in 1976. It was one of the biggest department stores in the northeast when it opened but feels more like Grace Brothers today. It has most of the same shops and departments that its younger brother has ( except for technology stores ) but on a much smaller scale. Walk down the soi behind the shop and onto Chomphon Road to catch songthaws 1,8 or 12 back to the centre / Yamo area.