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Nakhon Ratchasima, Shopping Malls / Stores and Markets in Korat

Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 4f, Shopping Malls and Stores and Markets here Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 4h, Markets in Korat and You Tube Video's of Thao Suranari Monument & Market

Tesco Lotus  719/5 Mittraphap Rd (Highway 2) (Lotus is halfway between The Mall and the Sima Thani Hotel on Highway 2), +66 (0) 44 263 70024 (fax: +66 (0) 44 263 7267),  Every day, 6AM-11PM. The newest addition to the Korat retail landscape, Lotus is similar to Big C in that there are small shops on the ground floor and a huge 'Hypermarket' on the first floor. Songthaews 6 and 4129, among others, will get you there from the city centre. Beware! You have to cross the ten lanes of Highway 2 to get a songthaew back to the city centre. Tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis also wait out the front, and it's also a good place to catch a bus to Pak Chong or Pak Thong Chai if you don't want to go to the old bus station.

I.T Plaza or I.T City,  324 Mittraphap Rd/Highway 224 (I.T is located on Highway 224 very near to the junctions with Chumphon and Ratchadamnoen Roads), +66 (0) 44 269717 (fax: +66 (0) 44 269716). Every day, 10AM-20:30PM. I.T Plaza (sometimes mistakenly referred to as I.T City; I.T City is in fact a large shop within I.T Plaza) is a technology-only department store in central Korat. The main entrance is on the first floor and is reached by a footbridge over Mittraphap. The ground floor is mainly taken up by mobile phone shops. The first and second floors are occupied by shops selling computers and related accessories. There is a Hot Pot restaurant in the basement/lower-ground floor. For a 21st century high-tech superstore, it's actually quite dated and tired inside with cracked and missing floor tiles; tatty, chipped walls and lots of vacant shops. In fact, the empty shops and completely unused third floor tell you that Koratians are doing their tech' shopping elsewhere these days. Indeed, everything that I.T sells can be found in much nicer surroundings at The Mall or Klang Plaza Chomsurang.


Mae Kim Heng Market, Pho Klang Road ( the closest market to Yamo, just turn onto Pho Klang opposite the statue of Yamo. The market is about 100m down the road on your right. There are also entrances on Suranaree Road and Buarong Road.). Every day, 24 hrs ( but most stalls are closed at night ). One of the largest indoor markets in Korat, Mae Kim Heng sells food: both fresh produce and prepared dishes. Get there early ( 6 AM - 8 AM ) and you can buy some typical Thai breakfast fare: satays, grilled chicken and warm soya milk with doughnuts for dipping. Viewed from the Pho Klang entrance, the market can be divided into three main sections: fresh meat and fish on the left-hand side, fruit & veg and pre-cooked food down the middle and small restaurants down the right-hand side. At the Suranaree Road end of the market there is a clothes section, and next to that, just where the market spills out onto the street, are two very popular OTOP grilled chicken and sticky rice stalls. Stalls selling fruit, vegetables fish and meat then continue down the pavement on Suranaree Road towards the junction with Ratchadamnoen Road. These stalls set up mid morning, and here you can experience some of the hustle and bustle missing from the main market.