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Phetchabun is one of the northern provinces ( changwat ) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Loei, Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, Lopburi, Nakhon Sawan, Phichit and Phitsanulok. Phetchabun is located in the lower northern region of Thailand, in the area between the northern and the central region.

The province lies in the broad fertile river valley of the Pa Sak River, with mountains of the Phetchabun mountain range to the east and west. It is surrounded by places of interest, many well known national parks, beautiful waterfalls and great lakes.

The province is subdivided in 11 districts ( Amphoe ). These are further subdivided into 117 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 1261 villages ( Muban ).

1. Mueang Phetchabun   2. Chon Daen   3. Lom Sak   4. Lom Kao   5. Wichian Buri

6. Si Thep   7. Nong Phai   8. Bueng Sam Phan   9. Nam Nao  10. Wang Pong

11. Khao Kho

Phetchabun may be reach by Road No.21 ( Kochasenee Rd.) from Saraburi and 370 kilometres from Bangkok.

How to get there

By Train

There is no railway system to Phetchabun

By Car

Road No.1 from capital city ( Bangkok ) to Saraburi province and then Road No.21 to Phetchabun

Road No.12 from Khon kaen ( central province of the northeastern region ) to Lom Sak and then Road 21. southward to Phetchabun.

By Bus.

Quite a lot of buses stop at this town on the way to Lom Sak. Here are some services you can find from Mo chit Terminal:

www.transport.co.th 0 2936 2852-66

Phet Tour 0 2936 3230

Thin Siam Tour 0 2936 0500

Buses are very frequent, like 2 or 3 within an hour. First Class service from Phet Tour cost 263 Baht and takes 4 hour+.

Phetchabun Province, Page 2, Orign of the name, Provincial Seal, Khao Kho Natinal Park.
Phetchabun Province, Page 1, Location, History and Districts, How to get there.

The Districts of Phetchabun Province