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Than Thip Waterfall Waterfalls are everywhere and easily to find. Than Tip waterfall Forest Park is located in Baan Than Tip, Bung Num Tao District, Amphoe Lom Sak. It is the forest park of 8,750 rai’s in Khao Plok Lon Forest Reserve. In general, the area consists of steep and high mountains ranging. The mixed deciduous forest in the area is fairly rich. In the rainy season, the water is swift and brimful. For tourists who love excitement, this is a great answer for them. Visitors can go downstream along the rapids current that call Long Kang. It is an exciting activity of Than Thip waterfall that serves to acrobatic visitors.


Si Thep Historical Park Some 130 kilometres south of Phetchabun, on Highway Number 21, is the Si Thep Historical Park. Si Thep is an ancient town where many architectural structures still remain to show its past prosperity during the 11th – 18th Buddhist century. It was once the centre of contact between the Dvarravati Kingdom in the central plain basin and the Khmer Kingdom in the Northeast. A twin- city, there were over  100 ancient sites all built with bricks and laterite, most of them have since crumbled. There are also remains of several ponds spread out all over the area. Most of the ancient relics recovered are parts of architectural nature such as elaborate lintels, plastered designs and sema stone and human skeletons still are adorned with ornamental pieces. In 2000, it got a Thailand Tourism Award for guaranteeing welfare of culture and ancient buildings.

Places to Visit

Wat Trai Phum  on Phetcharat Road features a Buddha statue called Phra Buddha Mahadhamaracha cast in the ornamental Lop Buri style. The ritual bathing of the Buddha image or the traditional Um Phra Dam Nam ceremony is held during September each year.


The Huai Pa Dang Reservoir  was created by the dam constructed to block the waterway to the west of town for irrigation purposes. It is a pleasant place for recreation and picnic with scenic natural views in the background, particularly in the morning and late afternoon.


Tat Mok National Park  has a huge waterfall fed by streams flowing down cracks and crevices of the mountains creating a beautiful 12 level fall. On both sides of the trails leading up to it are large, shady trees providing a pleasant surrounding.


The Pho Khun Pha Mueang Memorial  at Lom Sak district in the north of Phetchabun commemorates this former ruler or the area, which was a contemporary of Sukhothai.


Phu Hin Rong Kla is a popular destination located along the Phitsanulok and Phetchabun borders and offers exotic scenery. It was once the base of communist’s resurgent fighting against the government some twenty years ago.


Phetchabun Province, Places of Interest to visit, Than Thip Waterfall, Si Thep Historical Park.