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Phetchabun Province, Page 7, The Phetchabun City Pillar Shrine, pictures of the Shrine.

Local Products found in Phetchabun Province.


Sweet Tamarind  sweet tamarinds, are an agro crop which earns good income for the local growers. A fair to publicise this fruit is held annually during January - February.


Khanom Chin  popular food of Lom Kao district, is a noodle-like dish made from flour. It is served with gravy and side dish of various fresh local vegetables.


Festivals around Phetchabun Province.


Um Pra Dam Nam festival The villagers in the province relates to the river very much. Such closeness is clearly reflected in the widely known festival ceremonies that call " Um Pha Dam Nam" or Dive the Buddha Image into the Water Festival . Phra Buddha Maha Thammaracha is highly revered ancient Buddha image of Phetchabun Province. This event is annually held on the fifteenth day of the waning moon in the 10 th lunar month of during Sat Thai Period at Trai Pum Temple. The ceremony starts at 1 P.M. The image is carried around the town, so Buddhists can pay respect to it and stick gold leaf on its body. The next morning, people make merit as it is Sat Thai Day. Food, including Krayasat, and other necessities are given to monks. The Buddha image is then taken to be immersed in the Pah Sak River by governor of Phetchabun. After the ceremony, the water in the river is regarded as sacred. As a result, people swim in it or take the water to drink before the boat racing begins.


Seng Klong – Long Com Fai is the ancient tradition of Phetchabun villagers for a long time. They believe this tradition is the way to request the god and the angle come to make merit with them. It is held annually during the end of Buddhist Lent around Por Kun Pah Maung Monument to promote the honour of Por Kun Pah Maung and conserve this tradition remain stay with villagers eternally. In this celebration, there are many activities to enjoy for instance the drum contest, the beautiful girl contest, an array of colour fills its streets and float lanterns that can only be seen in Phetchabun.


Sweet Tamarind Fair Sweet tamarind is grown mostly in Phetchabun due to the cool weather and suitable environment. Farmers gain a lot of income from tamarind, also it is the symbol of Phetchabun without arguing. Sweet Tamarind Fair is thus organized in Phetchabun to celebrate the harvest of this fruit during January 17 - 25. This day is also called Phetchabun’s Agriculture Day. During the festival, farmers bring their sweet tamarinds to sell at reasonable price at Phetchabun’s provincial athletic field where contests of sweet tamarinds and other crops are held. Besides this, there are other agricultural exhibitions and entertainments organized during the event.