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Mukdahan Province, Page 2, Getting to Mukdahan Province
Mukdahan Province, Page 4, History of the Province.

Mukdahan is the 73 rd province of Thailand. Its history dates from the late Ayutthaya period, over 200 years ago. At first, on the left side of the Mekong River, there was a large community called Ban Luang Phon Sin located by Phrathat Ing Hang, presently in Savannakhet Province of Lao PDR. The community was ruled by Chao Chan Suriyawong. His son was Chao Kinnari. He later built a new town at the mouth of Huai Muk on the right bank of the Mekong River in 1767. The town was completed in 1770 and named Mukdahan ( moonstone or pearl ) according to a propitious sign occurring to him while the town was under construction. That is why the locals call the town "Mueang Muk".


During the reign of King Taksin the Great, Chao Kinnari was promoted as Phraya Chanthon Si Surat Upparacha Manthaturat to be the first ruler of Mukdahan in 1778.


At first, Mukdahan was part of Monthon Udon or Udon Circle. In 1907, the Circle was dissolved to become a province and Mukdahan was then a Amphoe of Nakhon Phanom province. It was promoted as Mukdahan province in 1982 as the country’s 73 rd province and the 17th province of Isaan.


Actually, Mukdahan is a significant gateway to Indochinese countries. The local people of Mukdahan actually have had a long relationship with the people in Savannakhet province of Laos. Although they are apart by the 70 km long Mekong River. Mukdahan is home to eight ethnic minorities; namely, Thai Isan, Phu Thai, Thai Kha, Kraso, Thai Kaloeng, Thai Yo, Thai Saek, and Thai Kula. It has abundant natural beauty. Mukdahan covers a total area of 4,339.830 sq km.


Lord Chandrasuriyawongse and his followers founded a settlement at Baan Luang Phonsim  near the Thad Ing Hang Stupa along the left banks of the Mekong River in Laos. Later, after some several decades, he died.


Lord Chanthakinnaree  his son, succeeded him as ruler. Then, in B.E.2310, a huntsman crossed over the Mekong and arrived along the right side at the mouth of the stream Bang Muk  where he discovered a discarded realm complete with a monastery and seven sugar palms located on the nearby riverbank.


He found the area much better than the territories along the left side of the Mekong, and moreover at the site of mouth of the Bang Muk was a huge abundance of fish. Thus, he headed back to report this to his ruler Lord Chanthakinnaree. Lord Chanthakinnaree led his followers across the Mekong to inspect the area and found that the area was indeed the remains of an ancient realm and in much better condition than any area along the left side of the Mekong. He thus led his people from Baan Luang Phonsim to establish a settlement along the right side of the Mekong at the mouth of the Bang Muk.

Mukdahan province, History of the Province