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Ho Kaeo Mukdahan Chaloem Phra Kiat Kanchanaphisek The tower was built to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne. The topmost sphere houses a Buddha image “Phra Nawa Ming Mongkhon Mukdahan” and 7 Buddha statues in 7 different attitudes for each day of the week.

Chaopho Chaofa Mung Mueang Shrine The shrine, which also houses the city pillar, is located on Song Nang Sathit Road in the Amphoe Mueang Municipality. For the people of Mukdahan, the shrine is considered as a sacred place of the spirit that protects the city.

Chaomae Song Nang Phi Nong Shrine  The people of Mukdahan consider this shrine another sacred place. Both the Chaomae Song Nang Phi Nong and Chaopho Chaofa Mung Mueang Shrines are twin sacred icons of the city.

Wat Si Mongkhon Tai Its main ordination hall or Ubosot houses a concrete Buddha statue, which is considered a sacred item of Mukdahan.

Indochina Market  The market lines the Mekong River. The major shopping area is the hub of products, local and imported, as well as OTOP of Mukdahan.

Wat Si Bun Rueang - Ban Tai The ordination hall houses a bronze Buddha statue called Phra Phutthasing Song, which is 1 metre wide and 1.2 metres high.

Phu Pha Thoep National Park The park’s geography features undulating sandstone mountains that form the edge of the Phu Phan Range. The deciduous dipterocarp forest and mixed deciduous forest cover most part of the area, which is also the watershed of many streams; namely, Huai Ta Lueak, Huai Sing, Huai Ruea, Huai Male, Huai Chang Chon, etc. Its attractions include:

Hin Thoep Rocks The formations of superimposed rocks called Hin Thoep have been eroded by rain, water, wind and sun for 120 - 95 million years.

Lan Mutchalin Next to the group of Hin Thoep is a vast rock plateau among the embrace of dwarf deciduous dipterocarp forest featuring bushes, with its uniqueness being the community of tiny plants such as Soi Suwanna, Yat Nam Khang, Nao Duean Ha, Dao Ruam Duang and Dusita.

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