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Mukdahan Province, Page 6 Interesting places to visit here
Mukdahan Province, Page 8, Places to visit, Local Products, Festivals held here

Phu Pha Taek Called by the military as “Hill 428”, the beautiful hill offers a picturesque view of the ranges in the Mukdahan National Park in the northern side.


Rock Terraces and Dwarf Deciduous Dipterocarp Forests The dwarf deciduous dipterocarp forests, which can be found with grassland, are scattered around at Phu Pha Hom, at the back of Phu Pha Daeng, Phu Bok, Phu Sa Dok Bua, Phu Hua Nak, etc.


Bronze Kettledrum Kept at Wat Matchimawat ( Wat Klang )  close to Don Tan District Office, the one-sided bronze kettledrum is 86 cms. in diameter and 90 cms. long. The drum, which is probably more than 3,000 years old, is a collection item for the Kha and Khmer.


The Princess Mother Park - Woraphat Base  It is Thailand’s only military base that HRH the Princess Mother and HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana spent overnight.


Wat Phu Dan Tae or Wat Phuttho Thammatharo The temple houses a huge Buddha statue with a Dhammacakka - Wheel of the Doctrine - at the back, which can be noticed from a distance.


Phu Mu Forest Park Situated at an elevation of 353 metres above sea level, the park is a beautiful place of Mukdahan. With a mountaintop flat plain that covers some 4 km2. area, the park was once abundant with boars.


Huai Khilek Irrigation Reservoir  The large reservoir with a picturesque view is a major attraction of Mukdahan.


Wat Phu Ko Cho or Wat Banphot Khiri  The mountaintop temple was once accommodation for Luangpu La Khemapatto, a famous monk in Vipassana mediation of Mukdahan. A bell-shape pagoda known as Khemapattachedi was built to house his ashes, with his life-like statue placed on the top floor of the building underneath the pagoda.


Namtok Tat Ton Situated at Ban Non Yang, the 7 metres high and 30 metres wide waterfall.


Kaeng Kabao  The huge rapids on the Mekong River with a large rock terrace on the bank is a favourite picnic spot for locals. In the dry season, water descents and allows islands and beaches to show off their beauty.


Mukdahan province, Places to visit,Phu Mu Forest Park , Huai Khilek Irrigation Reservoir ,  Namtok Tat Ton