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Kalasin Province, Page 1, Situation of the Province, Provincial Seal, Map of Kalasin, Districts.
Kalasin Province, Page 3, Places to visit, Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Station or Suan Sa-on

Phraya Chaisunthon Monument ( Chao Somphamit )  The life-sized monument is made from bronze in a standing position with the right hand holding a teapot, and left hand holding a magic sword.


Wat Klang Within the temple’s compound, there is an Ubosot building, which was an extension from the old building. Inside a pavilion or Sala near the Ubosot building is a black Buddha image, made from bronze. In any drought season, the local people would take the Buddha image in a procession to beg for rain.


Wat Si Bun Rueang  or Wat Nuea  The temple stores a number of crafted boundary stones from Fa Daet Song Yang Ancient City. One of the most beautiful boundary stones, which are of the Dvaravati art, is the one that depicts flying angels over a Prasat or palace represented by double arches, with the king, queen and their sons at the bottom.


Kalasin Museum  The museum was established by Mr. Chairat Mapraneet, Governor of Kalasin province, with an aim to show the collections of good things in Kalasin.


Phutthasathan Phu Po  The site is where two ancient reclining Buddha images of the Dvaravati period carved on the cliff can be seen. They are the sacred images highly revered by the people of Kalasin and nearby provinces.


Ban Phokhru Plueang Chairatsami  - Khru Plueang Chairatsami was declared a National Artist in 1986 in the field of folk music. He built a farmer’s hut to be used as a traditional music school. The hut also displays traditional musical instruments such as Phin (lute), Khaen (reed organ), So (bowed stringed instrument) and Pong Lang (northeastern style xylophone).


Mueang Fa Daet Song Yang  It is an ancient town surrounded by earthen mounds with a length of about 5 kilometres. Evidence for its civilization are religious ruins in and around the city such as a large number of sandstone boundary markers with bas-reliefs.


Wat Pho Chai Semaram  or Wat Ban Kom  It is an old temple with a huge collection of old boundary stones of gigantic sizes. The boundary stones found in Fa Daet Song Yang are different from those discovered in other regions, as they were usually carved telling Jataka stories and the life of the Lord Buddha.


Lam Pao Dam  The dam was built to block Lam Pao - the Pao River - and Huai Yang – Yang Creek. The dam was constructed particularly for relieving flood problems and for agriculture.

Kalasin Province, Places to visit, Kalsin Museum, Wat Klang, ,Phraya Chaisunthon Monument ( Chao Somphamit )