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Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Station or Suan Sa-on  It is quite an abundant deciduous dipterocarp forest. Inside is an open zoo in which there are indigenous wild animals and also other fauna like gibbons, monkeys, various kinds of domestic and migratory birds, along with nature trails.


Phu Phra Forest Park  It features an outstanding mountain located near the villages. The plain on the backside of the mountain houses an ancient stone Buddha image. Some of the sites in the forest park include:


Pha Sawoei It is an expansive stone cliff, about 150 - 200 metres wide. It is a breathtaking sightseeing spot.


Tham Siam Sap  It is a cliff cave that looks like somebody had dug the cave with a spade or Siam.


Tham Phra Rot  It is a cave that occurred due to the separation of a stone cliff. Inside the cave, there is a walkway of about two metres wide and 30 metres long.


Pha Hin Yaek  It is a separating cliff of 20 metres long and six metres deep. The leaning cliff is also a good sightseeing spot.


Pham Phra It is a cave 30 metres in depth. There is a Buddha image that is highly revered by locals. Every year during the Songkran Festival, people would ascend to the cave to pour lustral water on the Buddha image to pay respect.


Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site  More than 700 fossilized bones were found in this excavation site and they were assumed to belong to seven dinosaurs. As such, Phu Kum Khao is considered to be the largest and most perfect concentration of dinosaur fossils in Thailand.


Phutthasathan Phu Sing It is a large image in the subduing Mara posture that is 10.5 metres wide and is clearly visible from below. The surrounding area is shady and offers a lovely panoramic view.


Wat Phutthanimit  and Phu Khao - houses a rock relief of an ancient reclining Buddha image leaning on his left side, which is about two metres long and 25 centimetres wide. Every year in April, there will be a bathing ceremony to celebrate the Buddha image.


Laem Non Wiset - It is the land that stretches into Lam Pao Dam’s reservoir. Laem Non Wiset is a good sunset watching spot.




Kalasin province, Places to visit, Lam Pao Wildlife Conservation Development and Promotion Station or Suan Sa-on