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Ban Phon Phrae Wa Silk Weaving Group  Phrae Wa silk is a unique style of the Phu Thai ethnic group of Ban Phon. It is divided into two patterns: Lai Lak (principal pattern) and Lai Thaep (stripe pattern). It can be considered that Phrae Wa silk is a rare handcrafted textile product in Thailand.


Pha Sawoei Their Majesties the King and the Queen visited the cliff and had lunch here, so the place’s name was changed to Pha Sawoei (Sawoei is a royal term for eating). As it is located in the deep valley with a high cliff, the locals also called it 'Heo Ham Hot'.


Namtok Pha Nang Khoi It is a huge waterfall, beautifully cascading down from the Phu Phan mountain range. It is surrounded with abundant thick forest. There is water all year round, even in the dry season.


Namtok Tat Thong  -  It is a huge and beautiful waterfall with complex stone cliffs


Phu Thai Nong Hang Handicraft Centre Some of the beautiful basketry products include Krato – a vegetable container, Kratip – a sticky rice container, handbags and other containers.


Phu Thai Khok Kong Cultural Village  is a small village situated at the hillside and inhabited by a large number of Phu Thai ethnic group.


Phu Faek Forest Park and Dinosaur Footprints  It is located in Tambon Phu Laen Chang, with alternate mountainous and hilly topography covered with a deciduous dipterocarp forest featuring various kinds of flora and it is easy to spot some wild animals such as squirrels, tree shrews, civets and hares. At present, there are 4 Dinosaur footprints that can be seen clearly.

Local products

Kalasin has various kinds of local products such as Phrae Wa silk, Mudmee silk, Khit textile, basketry products, pounded pork and beef.


Kalasin Pong Lang, Phrae Wa and Red Cross Fair  It is held annually in February in front of the city hall. The festival features a colourful parade of each district decorated with a gigantic-sized Pong Lang – folk vertical xylophone, people dressed in traditional clothes, cultural competition, beauty pageant.


Wichit Phrae Wa Silk Festival  It is held annually on August 12, at Rim Pao Hotel to honour H.M. Queen Sirikit who has kindly supported the Phrae Wa silk under her royal patronage and promoted it to wider public awareness. The Queen’s support also helps to create employment for local Phu Thai people.