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Kalasin is the Province of Fa Daet Song Yang Ancient City, Pong Lang Folk Music, Phu Thai Culture, Phrae Wa Silk, Pha Saweoi Phu Phan, the Lam Pao River, and Million - year - old Dinosaurs.

Kalasin is one of the most fertile provinces in the northeastern region and has a long history dating back to the prehistoric era. Kalasin contains the largest concentration of Jurassic era dinosaur fossils in northeastern Thailand, located in Phu Kum Khayo where archaeologists have excavated whole fossils of Sauropods.

Another ancient site located near Kalasin is Fa Daet Song Yang. Excavations there have revealed several remnants and artifacts of monuments and temples that provide evidence of prehistoric inhabitation. According to archaeological evidence, the area was once inhabited by the Lawa tribe, whose Lavo civilization dates back about 1,600 years.

Modern Kalasin was established during the Ratanakosin period in 1793 when Thao Somphamit and his troops escaped from the left bank of the Mekong River and settled beside the Pao River, which was called Ban Kaeng Samrong.  

Thao Somphamit then sent tribute to King Rama I the Great, founder of the Chakri Dynasty, who later promoted Ban Kaeng Samrong to city status and renamed it Kalasin or Mueang Nam Dam ( black water town ). The king also appointed Thao Somphamit as Phraya Chaisunthon, first ruler of Kalasin.

Kalasin is known across Thailand for its Pong Lang music and the famous Phrae Wa cloth. A principally agricultural region, Kalasin is also known for its sticky rice, manioc, and sugarcane. Other popular products include bamboo baskets and cloth bags.

Otherwise, visitors to Kalasin are typically most impressed by the archaeological treasures contained in the province, including the largest concentration of Jurassic era dinosaur fossils in northeastern Thailand, where archaeologists have excavated whole fossils of Sauropods that lived 120 million years ago.

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